Feet In Water And On Rocks

I lived in a crossroads town
Lots of people saying nothing
About me
The way I liked it

Moved to the big city
Even though they were everywhere
Stars hid between my memory

And I found myself
Yearning for that neighbourhood of strangers
The one with a brook that sang to itself
Unless you walked through it
And it would stay silent, afraid

That's how I feel
And can't anymore, so many splashes traipsing
Along the rocks in my head
Tied to the cold, foolish steel
The kind that builds bridges instead of

And the stars come back
Blind my night to force a fruit full of juice
Dripping out of my lips
So that the more I devour
The emptier I find herself

I flail all the purity away
And then the person
And then her spirit

And when I turn again
I feel every note of pain I dealt
Hurting both of us
Usurping the last starspecks until
The memory burns out our eyes

That's what I think of
Each time I look out at the metal and the light
A miserable sight I feel in myself

The cost of leaving