One Two And Through

Ever looked in a mirror
And known certainly
The other side is just
Empty behind your heart

Nothing lives there
In the dusty dark library of shadow
People lost long before I ever came along

And when I sparked a new cosmos
In your sight beyond sight
Knowing every chess move
Right beneath the surface of our skin
All you could do was pick up a scalpel
And keep cutting
Opening me up until I didn't know me from you
Flowing into each other
Like millennia-old starlight in a double-sided black hole
Which ended up between our mouth
Words, touch, untouch

Testament of futility and reemergence
Winding down a waterway with no walls
To hold me together
The mirror sets itself before another mirror
To watch a breakdown
And equal it in its own way
Bending light, breaking glass
Collapsed senses

Hanging green garden from an 80W bulb