Chapter 19 / Inside

Baphomet ran through the corridor. No more pursuers were with him. As he continued to walk, he heard a ticking sound, like mechanical sounds of watch. The ticking sound became louder when he walked to the end of the corridor, where a door stood.

The ghouls with bird shape appeared before he could even touch the door, blocking his path. The ghouls attack, dipping their beaks to the guy who was trying to approach the door.

Baphomet dodged and took out his knife, slashing the bird, he drew his rifle, and then shot the black birds.

"Lucky me," he murmured," It would be worse if I didn't take one of their weapons."

Baphomet continued to shoot the birds until they all vanished. It was an easy task, since the birds were weak to guns, and they were too slow to Baphomet.

Finally, he approached the door and opened it. He saw a spiral-shaped-stair. The room was illuminated only by the torches on the wall. The only sounds he hear were only his own footsteps, and the ticking sound that became louder and louder as he gets higher.

At last, the spiral stairs ended. Another door was seen from the end of the stair. Baphomet stepped forward, he opened the door. He saw a man was sitting on an armchair, smiling to him.

He immediately drew his gun, aim it to the man in front of him. The man got up from his chair. Still smiling, he said, "What are you doing? Do you think that this kind of weapon would kill me?"

Baphomet pulled his trigger; bullets were thrown along with bangs. But only three bullets were fired; before the fourth shot, the gun was thrown away, and large slits appeared in his right arm. Drown by his pain, Baphomet fell on his knees.

Suddenly, Baphomet stood up, he drew a knife to his unharmed left hand, trying to stab Blascanov, who was in front of him. But before he could even touch his opponent, his opponent smiled at him. And then he disappeared.


Gen and the others walked through the road, surrounded by ruined and burnt buildings. The buildings were not so big, seemed like hangars or warehouses. And they saw a big building. The door was opened, so they went inside.

The corridor was empty, but colored in blood. As they keep running, the ghouls appeared, attacking them. They killed the ghouls while they kept running forward. But they stopped. A barricade of ghouls stopped them from moving.

Delmira took the initiative move. He fired his glowing blue arrow to the ghouls. The arrow glided through the air, piercing three of the ghouls in one strike.

"This will be my warm up," said Delmira, while holding a glowing blue bow in his left hand," Let me finish them."

Delmira shot the ghouls rapidly. Arrows was keep appearing out of nowhere to his right hand. Sometimes, the arrows split in the middle, hitting the ghouls on its sides, and sometimes it hit the wall and bounced to the other direction.

The barricade of ghouls was finally destroyed entirely. No trace of them except the trace of battles. The wall around them cracked and holed. Delmira was the only one who was panting.

"Don't push youself," said Esmond.

"Okay," said Delmira, still panting.

They continued to walk through the corridor. The sound of wind echoed inside the hollow corridor, making a howling sound. Smell of blood was thick in the air they were breathing, getting thicker as they walked deeper inside the building.

"To the right," said Celine, as they saw their path split into two direction. They reached the stair, and then descended it. From the stair, Celine turned left, and stopped. They saw a door, and opened it.

A large room unfolded, two chains were hanged to the wall, while the other ends were like cut by something. A woman lied on the ground; no movement was made, as if she was dead.

They approached the woman. The woman was dead, but there was no wound on her body, except that she coughed blood.

"She must be damaged internally," said Delmira.

"What is this place, anyways?" asked Gen.

"This is where I was held before," Celine answered, "And sorry, but I don't think I can guide you any further."

"Why?" asked Edna.

"I only remembered by escape route."

"And do you remember the one who freed you?" Esmond asked.

"Yeah," answered Celine, "but he was wearing a mask. I couldn't recognize his face. I know that he's a man, though."

"It's okay," said Gen.

They continued to walk through the dark corridor. But they stopped when they saw their path war separated into three. They decided to separate the group into three, one to explore each path.

Gen walked with Celine, also Scarlet and Trout came with them; Errie walked with her guardians and Delmira, also Dmitry came with them; and Esmond with Heather, Reane, and Bryre.

Gen and his group walk through the corridor. In the middle of their trip, they saw Stad, lying on the ground in the corridor, wounded. The wounds showed that he was smashed to the wall by some force.

"What happened?" asked Gen to his wounded old friend.

"I was beaten," Stad answered, "by a weird masked guy."

"Masked guy?" asked Celine.

"Yeah," he answered again," even his power is weird."

"What do you mean?" asked Gen.

"He can control my ability," explained Stad," I don't know how, but I know that he used my own teleportation ability to teleport me to the wall, and smashed me to it."

"Wait," Gen interrupted," did you say that he can control the other psychic power?"

"Yes," Stad answered," what's with it?"

"Celine," Gen called," you have more than one power, right?"

"Yes," she answered.

"Can you mention all abilities you have?"

"Wait," interrupted Scarlet, who was silent," what is this all about?"

"There may be a chance," Gen explained, "that there is only one person who did this all."

"My psychic abilities," said Celine," besides the ones you already knew I have the power to brainwash, and the power to modify human memories, and the power to make the light arrows."

"And how did you lost your memories?" asked Gen again.

"A masked man came to me and," suddenly, Celine looked surprised," maybe; he controlled my own power to brainwashed me."

"Anyways," Stad interrupted, "where are you going?"

"To conquer this place," said Gen confidently.

"Can I come with you?" asked Stad again calmly," Can you do me a favor?"

"What kind?" replied Gen, asking.

"My boss," Stad answered, "he was held here, can you help me free him?"

"Okay," Gen answered, "but you have to do me some favor too."

"What is it?" Stad asked.

"Help us with our plans."