Alex is the warm-hearted and caring best friend. Well… most of the time. She's the kind of the person who is very nice and friendly. But if you want to mess with her, it is for sure that you will get what you deserve-especially, if you mess with her best friend, Gabbie. Out of all the people in this world, Gabbie is the person she cares about the most. They know each other the best compared to anyone else. They treat each other like brother and sister; at least that's what Alex feels about Gabbie. But the thing that binds them together the most is the fact that they share the same talent and dream. Alex's life-long dream is to become a famous singer. And even though she is only 14, she's determined on what she wants in the future. Along with her is her partner-in-crime, Gabbie. And together they will fulfill their dream.

Gabbie, on the other hand, has a secret crush on Alex. He has been having this feeling since the first time they met in kindergarten and became best friends. He is also passionate for music & poetry. And since then, he has been writing out his love for her through his poems. He writes them especially for her. But Alex never seemed to notice anything special about them. She just thought he had a secret crush on another girl. Even though Gabbie is screaming out his feelings at the top of his lungs, Alex never seemed to notice it. Gabbie is the best poet and music writer of his age. His works contain the sweetest words that can capture anyone by heart. But for some reason, he doesn't quite have the control over their friendship even though he's the guy. But one thing's for sure, he will do anything for Alex. In fact, he'll do everything to protect her. It's because he loves her that much.

When will Gabbie finally reveal his true love for Alex? Will Alex ever open her eyes to see that love has always been by her side? Will the efforts of achieving their dream be worth it? Or will it be the cause of losing the meaning of their friendship?

author's note: Hello everyone. This my first story to be posted on Fictionpress. So pleease support! Reviews will make me happy. This part of the story is just the introduction. It's not Chapter 1, yet. Chapter 1 will be posted on 20091104. So pleaase tune in! & help me by telling me what you think about the story so far.