In my dreams I always see,
The face of a man that does not belong.

Once upon a time our love was strong,
A bond so tight it could never go wrong.
Nineteen months of ups and downs,
Two more months of silent sounds.
He's OK...

Can I say the same?

Seems he found me at the wrong time,
I thought he would just be mine.
I committed just one sad crime:

I changed.
It's strange.
This void... I feel misplaced.
Now there's this empty space...
in my heart.

He took it. Didn't rip it apart.
Just took my heart in one piece,
He's starting to control me.
See... I knew how it was gonna be.
He told me he was "carefree",
So that's how he got over me?

He just forgot about it.

Wasn't sad for just a little bit,
It makes me wanna strangle things.
... Shit.

So I say, "fuck it."
Time for me to move on.
Heart or not, I'll grow strong.
There's nothing that can go wrong...

Or so I thought.