Just one more time I make this plea
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
Can you just believe in me
Truthfully and faithfully?

If I keep disappointing you
Upsetting and annoying you
I'll never end up showing you
How much I'm really feeling you

The touches and the kisses
I really, truly miss it
The "I love yous" that you'd hiss and
The kind way that you'd listen

The way that you would hold me
When I strayed you would control me
Without you to console me
I'm just another soul...

I lost again.

You can say "I told you so"
Just rub it in my face I know
All these lessons, they just show
How I've been treating you before

... I'm sorry.

How long before you don't believe
The sincerest of apologies?
I think this is strike number three...

"You're out."