"No." said Scott flatly.

Chris sighed, it was two weeks after he'd acquired his son who was lost to him and presumed dead for eleven years until the fateful event in Falca-Peru. Now, after much yelling, arguing and chasing his petulant fourteen year old son on numerous occasions after he ran off, Scott was officially under his parental charge, due to the fact he was the only known living relative who's responsible for the life of Scott Connor Stormbreaker, much to his son's dismay. Scott was now on his and Chris' home and birth planet, Zathura, living in his childhood home which he hardly remembered- the Falcon Manor. The current crisis here (which had been ongoing for a whole week already) was getting him to go to school, harder than said.

"Scott, you're. Going. To. School. That's final. Does it help that as you're father and guardian, I'm in charge of pretty much your life until you're nineteen and that you don't have a choice in this matter? You might not think so but it'll be good for you in the long-term and probably short-term as well, besides, you'll enjoy it after you're settled in." Chris reasoned calmly.

"You say that every time and no, it doesn't help! You can't make me, anyway." Scott remained stubborn. Just like his mother, stubborn to the end Chris saw his deceased wife mirrored in their son but quickly focused back on the current situation.

"Try me, you're going to have to at least run faster than me, have a way getting out of a high molecule density that surpasses your lowest density grip and beat me in combat." Stated Chris still remaining calm, aware that Scott had never had a normal schoolboy upbringing, was used to his own freedom (due to a lack of an actual father) and had big problems with authoritative figures. Chris had started soft on the boy, but when he realized that his son had inherited his mother's bull-headed stubbornness and his own die hard determination, kindness wasn't going to get him really far, so basically, he had to be firm.

Scott cringed, remembering the numerous times he had tried to run from his dad unsuccessfully, all ending with the same result - draped over his dad's shoulder after a brief fight (guess who always won? yeah, his dad) and marched back home, yelling and cursing his dad with the whole of his vocabulary of expletives. Farfiru would cry in his grave, or tomb, or whatever he was buried in. How can I not beat my dad after training for eleven years - that's almost my whole life! - with one of the greatest masters of Mitsurii Arts? And where the heck did he learn all those arts to beat me in every single fight without breaking a sweat? Just where in the universes did he train? good thing Farfiru is dead, he would beat my lights out if he knew about this, at least stuck up dad doesn't beat me…yet…

"Scott? Scott?...Scott! hey!"

"Huh?" Scott was snapped from his thoughts back to reality. "what?" he shot back at his dad.

Chris inwardly sighed, he would have to get Scott out of his attitude too but first thing's first,

"You zoned out for a while, I got a bit worried, anyway, as I was saying-"

"I told you! I'm. Not. Going! No way!" Scott yelled and finished by storming out of the room.

"Scott! Get back here!" shouted Chris.

He heard a snicker from his son downstairs followed by "You wish" before the front door slammed shut.

Chris groaned. That's serious attitude problems. Every single conversation on this topic ended with him storming out. Great job, Chris. Never thought parenthood was such a hard task. This was his fault, he would never forgive himself for abandoning Scott at the foster home, he had done it to protect him from harm his enemies would have inflicted had they known he had a son, Scott could have been hurt and used as a tool against him by them but his son was deeply scarred by his abandonment, he could still remember the clearly the day he left his son at the foster home after abandoning him.

"Where we going, Daddy?" piped a three year old Scott, bouncing excitedly in the back seat of the air-car.

"Sit still, Scott, you're going to get injured, what happened to you're seat belt?" asked Chris worriedly, glancing at his son in the rear-view mirror and instinctively slowing down the vehicle.

"I loosened it, it was strangling me!" protested Scott as Chris stopped the air-car and turned around to re-adjust his seat belt.
Chris chuckled in amusement at his son's exaggeration but his pain and sadness quickly returned. "Now leave it, you'll get used to it after a while." he said after readjusting Scott's seat belt.

"Aw, can't I loosen it just a winy weeny bit?" asked Scott hopefully, tugging at the seat belt.

"Nope, not a chance. Sorry, sport." replied Chris.

Scott pouted at this but kept fiddling with his seatbelt before he brightened up again and asked "So where we going, daddy?"

Chris grimaced, he was trying his best to avoid that question but his little son was always curious.

"Somewhere nice, there are very kind people there and lots of friends you can make there, Scottie." he replied, trying not to let the pain and sadness sound in his voice, even though his heart felt like something was trying to squeeze every drop of blood out of it.

"Oooooh, a new shkool?" asked Scott enthusiastically. Chris felt another sharp pang of pain and grief, watching his son so innocent and happy was hard not to resist the urge to turn the air-car around right then and drive back home.

"School." Chris corrected him.






"Ah, never mind." Chris chuckled.

"Oh, okay!" Scott said, sensing his daddy didn't really want to talk right now and was thinking of something else. He looked out the window, imagining to himself the answer to his other questions what the place "where lots of children live" was like.

"Wakey wakey, sport, we're here." the gentle voice of his daddy woke Scott from his light nap, he was instantly alert and excited as he took in his new surroundings.

"Wow, it's really big, look at that, daddy!" Scott pointed to man riding a chestnut horse with two wolf cubs running around and playing at the horse's feet. Scott giggled. "they're so funny!"
Chris smiled sadly, at least he likes this place so far…Chris managed to get Scott away from the wolf cubs and bring him into the office. A woman sitting at the desk stood up and walked around to greet them cheerfully.

"Ah, hello! You must be Mr. Falcon and he must be your son, Scott. I'm Irene Rarity, head of Birtwick Children's Foster Home, pleasure to meet you two." she smiled friendlily, shaking both their hands and giving Scott a pat on the shoulder.

"Nice to meet you too, thank you for taking my son in," Chris replied sadly.

"Oh no, it's quite okay, it's our job and love of our life after all, aren't you a sweet little boy? Scott, isn't it?" Irene asked, kneeling down to Scott's height.
Scott nodded and smiled, something felt wrong about this, what did daddy mean by "thank you for taking my son in"? He looked up at daddy puzzled.

"Now, we should get you settled in, don't worry, you'll love it here," she smiled at Scott and then asked Chris. "would you like someone to take him or would you like to introduce him to Birtwick Foster Home?"

"I think I'll take him around, thanks again." Chris replied sadly.

"Not a problem, take your time, he'll settle in fine so don't worry, okay?" Irene reassured seeing the worry in Chris' eyes.
Chris nodded and led Scott out of the office. He had spent an extremely long time to find the most perfect foster home for his son, going to visit the foster homes and checking if it was safe and the children and staff there were decent. Chris had decided Birtwick would be best suited for Scott, their staff had a good knack for raising children into good people with loving care and were best for helping Scott settle into his new life, they also had high security and defence should they receive trouble, even though no foster home has ever been attacked or had serious troubles. Scott clung onto his daddy's hand as they entered a cozy looking room with a bed, desk, chair wardrobe and a window looking over the foster home's green grass field.

"Daddy? What's happening? What did you mean by "taking my son in?" Scott asked confused and started to panic, daddy wasn't leaving him here was he? No, daddy would never do that, he's just making things up.
Chris swallowed the lump in his throat, he could tell his son was already suspecting what he was about to do but denying it, he blinked back the tears starting to gather in his eyes and knelt down do Scott's level,

"Scott, calm down" he soothed rubbing his son's back and then carrying on when Scott relaxed. " You'll have to be a big boy now, you need to stay here from now on and be brave. It'll be okay, Scott, you'll be fine, everything will settle down and you'll love this place, didn't you hear Mrs. Rarity say so?" He was desperately trying to reassure his son, tell him it'd be okay but he felt he could feel his heart slowly breaking up inside.

"But…won't you stay with me? Did you forget your things? Is that why I have to stay here while you go back and get them?" asked Scott, hoping that was why daddy was telling him this, he'd come back anyway right? He'd just have to wait a while.

"No, Scott." Chris managed to choke out, wishing he could say yes just to make Scott willing to stay here but he was too smart, he'd eventually figure out his daddy had lied to him, no, it'd hurt him even more to say 'yes'. So gathering up his guts, carried on. " You have to stay here, the staff here are the kindest people on planet Dante, the children will definitely like you so you'll be fine, your new room looks quite nice, please, Scott. Be a brave boy and make me proud, okay?" Chris ruffled his son's hair and gripped him in a hug, never wanting to let go but reluctantly did as it was getting late and he needed to board the starship that would take him to Velayn, the planet of the dead - where his next mission was.

"Daddy, no! please, was I bad? Is that why mommy's gone? I'm sorry, please don't leave!" wailed Scott and latching himself onto Chris' leg.

"Sshh…Scott…" Chris pulled Scott off his leg and rubbed his back. "I'm sorry, Scott. It's too dangerous for you to come with me? You have to live here now, you could get hurt if you come with me Scott, even killed, do you understand?"
Scott sniffled. "So you'll pick me up when you come back? won't you visit me?" he asked hopefully.

"I can't, Scott. It's too dangerous, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I'll always love you Scott, never forget that." It broke his heart to say that to his son and he knew very well that it shattered his son's too when he heard that. Chris set his son down and pressed the button on the wall to call a member of staff.

"NO! Please, daddy! I won't get in your way, I won't bother you and I'll hide when you tell me too! I promise! Please, daddy!" pleaded Scott desperately, trying to latch himself onto his daddy but Chris pushed him away and sat him on the bed, he had explained to his son already and he clearly understood but he would keep trying to get what he wanted unless Chris was firm with him.

"You can't come, Scott. I've told you why and you're staying here! Do not expect me to come back because I can't and I won't!" He raised his voice at Scott. Watching his son silently crying, Chris knew his self control was dangerously close to breaking and if that happened, he would never be able to let his son go and do the right thing. A woman obviously working at the foster home walked into the room, took one look at Chris' pained expression and the sniffling Scott and understood what was going on. She rushed to Scott's side and soothed him. Chris was reminded of his wife soothing Scott as he watched the staff lovingly calm his son like her own child. He quietly thanked the staff silently made his way out, tears forming in his eyes and never looking back for fear he would change his mind.

"Goodbye, Scott." he whispered.

Even after eleven years, he could still feel overwhelming pain and sadness he felt from both himself and radiating from Scott that day, what haunted him most was the grief and hurt he saw in his son's midnight blue eyes which he had inherited from his mother, nothing he did could ever repay the damaged he had caused to his son. Scott grew up believing his father saw him as failure and because of it, he faked up some dumb excuse to disown him, thus nurturing eleven years of anger and hatred towards his father. Chris sighed, he knew there was no point reasoning with Scott when he was angry like now, best to let him cool of first before you bring it up again. Chris sighed again, he was doing that a lot lately, he decided to sort out his mission files while waiting for Scott to come home, they were piling up all over his desk.