Pocket Philosophy / Spring Goodbye

There's an earthquake in the ground of my heart
Caused by the knowledge that we cannot experience
The peak of summer's warmth together and from now
I'll have to pretend that I've moved on from your tenderness
Which has acted like a pillow to rest all my past misery

And as I remove the tinted glasses from your precious face
So that I can emotionally undress you through clear eye contact,
I can view you attempting to be strong for the both of us,
However, the thought that our relationship is soaked with immorality
And has to end is evidently devastating every inch of your intangible world

But we've got to believe in spring with its symbolism of new beginnings
And be thankful that out of all the roaming souls in this bittersweet life,
You and I got attracted to the same magnet and felt a connection that will
Always be a permanent part of my existence even though to everyone watching
From the other side, it was interpreted as a sour situation that had to be concealed

So here we forcefully liberate ourselves from each other as I slip into your pocket
The glasses and one final memo that says "If there's ever a day when being selfish
Becomes acceptable and you're dancing alone in complete darkness, I hope you
Resist pushing me away if I took you in my arms to show where the afterglow dwells"
And I just pray that you'll use this slice of freedom to live the way you truly should...