Your door is at the ending hall,

you hide from me the key

you're trying hard to hide it all,

and all that I can see.

Your shield is right in front of you,

please tell me what's the matter.

your shield is glass it will not do,

for sure will crack and shatter.

waves of sorrow fill your eyes,

crystalised resentment.

I hear your silent mournful cries,

you seem to me repentant.

Your door is at the ending hall,you hide from me the key.

I stand to watch you fall,

don't you know what I can see?

Glass doors don't to much to hide,

I can see but I can't touch.

In me you refuse confide,

I practise what I preach.

Glass doors don't do much to hide,

sorrows show clear through.

Seeing all that is inside,

And all you'll never do.