Shadows and ghosts are the exact opposite, yet they are as similar as twins. They are dark and haunt you wherever you go. You cannot see their true form, only the vague silhouette of their shapes.

That's where their similarities end. Ghosts can only come out at night. Shadows are only seen when there is a bright sun shining on someone or something. Ghosts are hardly ever seen, and they are like a mystery. No one is sure if they truly exist. Shadows are well known and seen frequently. They are something to play with for lonely children. They are a companion, whereas people repel the thought of ghosts.

Similarities and opposites attract, and since shadows and ghosts have both, this is where the story starts.

A slow mist flowed into the room from the cracks of the doors, hovering beside a young woman being shined on by a ray of sunshine. The thing just floated there, not being able to do anything. It was powerless, dead, a ghost. It had no feelings, it felt...well, dead. It had no reason to be on this planet. He didn't know how to escape this infamous soul.

It watched the sun sparkle like champagne on the child. It had no intention of hurting her, it just wanted to figure things out in his mind, and seeing people peaceful calmed it.

The sun slowly, minute by minute, moved to the side of the woman, casting a shadow from her solid form. The shadow showed the stray strands of hair that were mussed on top of her head, and her arms flung out, over the bed post. She was out cold, exhausted. The temperature of the ghost would not bother her now.

The spirit curiously examined the shadow. A dark creature that came out in the brightness of the sun? What kind of monstrosity was it? Would it not get in danger of exposure from the human it clung to?

This ghost had never met any of his kind. He had wandered the Earth for centuries, lonely, not able to communicate with humanity. He had no heart beat, no breath, no tears, no voice, and no body. Now he saw that there were other things that were like him. This black shape hovering beside the human, half on the floor and half on the bed, molding itself to everything it touched. A shadow. It was seen, but not heard. It was the darkness in the glitter of the bright day. While the ghost itself blended into the background, the shadow was raw and exposed, contrasting with everyday life, which was normal for human eyes. What humans could not see, they feared. That's why they feared the roaming spirit that sought refuge and knowledge from around the world. The ghost folded its nonexistent legs and leaned closer to the strange creature, gently touching it with its smoky fingers. The dark figure twitched and writhed, and the ghost immediately jerked away. It heard a sigh from the woman in the bed whom the shadow was snagged onto. She had turned over in the bed. That's why the black form had moved.

The spirit spread out on the floor, staring at its companion. It was beautiful and slender, black as midnight, soundless as outer space. It, she, was perfect.

The spirit was feeling.

For the first time in a millennium, it was feeling.

It felt eager to see his friend every morning, seeing as she disappeared every night. The moon was not bright enough to make her appear. The ghost would stay there all night, just staring at the moonlight that showed dust swirling in intricate patterns, hoping for the sun to rise, just a sliver, just so it could have a stem of hope left. Of course it came every morning, but the night was grueling, as it yearned for his companion.

It had always been emotionless, but he was starting to feel hope, eagerness, yearning for something that had meaning.

But...there was something missing.

They could not connect on anything except their beings. They could not speak, touch, and the shadow could never leave her creator, or the sharp rays of sunshine.

You do not have to be like this. Life has meaning. You just have to find it with me.

The spirit jerked upright, as the thought flowed across his mind. No one had spoken to him in centuries. How could they now? Who said it? Humans could not talk to ghosts.

A few days later a man appeared in the woman's house. They chatted and drank coffee as the shadow and ghost sat by, just enjoying the company. The woman was in the sun while the man was in the shade of the cream colored couch. Her shadow was clearly visible while his was absent. The ghost examined him. Normal, everyday human. When the man turned a little to fit more comfortably into the couch, the spirit found that the man's leg was in the sun. With no shadow.

See, he is her true love! He has no shadow! Become part of him and you will be with me forever!

The voice had not come back for a few days, but the sweet sounding voice did not frighten him, just make him more determined. He would not spend the rest of eternity alone and regret the chance to be free and be with his love, the dark shadow.

He molded his smoky form to his host's, his dark form suddenly showing as it had not done for millennia. He was officially a shadow spirit. He would travel in the light, feel the warm sunshine on his newly visible silhouette of a face, and once the woman and man realized their deep feelings, he could be with his shadow love forever.

He was no longer an invisible specter. He no longer had no one to talk to. He no longer haunted anyone unintentionally. Shadows were supposed to do that.

Best of all, he did not have to leave his companion, friend, and love.