The unsinkable is sinking, into the icy sea

I watch it with despair, but it doesn't notice me

Probably because all at once the grand Titanic

Is being swallowed up by the grim Atlantic

I clutch my spinning head, falling to my knees

I grip my hands together and pray for mercy, please!

The people swarm and scream and cry, oh this trip is such a nightmare

I stare down into the dark cold ocean, but nothing feels all right here

I hear a SPLASH as a man jumps ship

I hold my stomach as I feel it flip

I snap back to reality and run to a lifeboat

Only to realize that all of them are afloat

I look at the propellers that are viciously angled

A knot rises in my throat and I feel I'm being strangled

I look back at the water, feeling heavy as a lump,

Then I take a deep breath, close my eyes, and jump.