A product of sitting at the computer and typing whatever words came to mind. Feel free to draw conclusions about my state of mind - I can't find any hints.

You can't realign with an undying force,

so drop in the beat and unite a brave horse.

The pussy cats crawl over pink linen sheets

and cry in the dark for their helping of meat.

The fridge can't renew all the pain that we've got

but only canolis can hear what we've lost.

Undying alerts of remiss and remorse

are worse to endure than an undying corpse.

And only the kanga can find his own roo,

when Mommy's away what can kanga do?

Don't forget the passion that flowers contain,

and don't sing the song if you don't know the name.

Especially specials can come at you bad,

but only a matchstick can beat Mum and Dad.

A sight can be fearsome and also be fun,

like caramel ponies when holding a gun.

The smooth saturation is hard to displace

and likes to explode if too close to your face.

I waited a minute to see that he's fine,

but ran on ahead 'cause he'll never be mine.

This road that we travel is awfully bleak,

but creamy tortinis may make it unique.

The sky is a bottle that's filled with blue eyes

who cry for the widow that didn't survive.

April 08

Arranged August 09