I looked out across the harbor, watching the glassy surface of the sea. I thought about simple things, like how beautiful the sunset was, or how brightly the amber rays sparkled off of the rolling waves before me. Even in the dying light I stood there, silent and vigilant, as if I was a statue deliberately planted upon this hill. Unmoving, but quite aware of my surroundings, I allowed my mind to wander to places where my body could not. I flew high, high above the fluffy white clouds, feeling the crisp night air fill my lungs. I reveled in the joy of freedom, in the delight of feeling the cool air rush beneath my lightened self. Powerful gusts lifted me up, tossing me high into the sky. I spun, twisted, rose, and dove back down through the air, weaving above and beneath the white blanket of clouds. My heart filled with joy as I delightedly maneuvered on rushing currents of air.

Suddenly, I dove down, down, down, slicing through the surface of the darkened sea below. The cold, cold water shocked my lungs, tightened my chest, and constricted my breath. But I willed my mind to relax, and I felt the chilled water soothingly enter my body and rush out my gills. I swam with a swish-swish of my tail, propelling my small, sleek body through the water. The coolness comforted me. I swam on, even as the sun set and cloaked everything in darkness around me. But I was not afraid, no. I drew breath easily, and I playfully touched the swaying plants affixed to the sandy bottom, darting in and out of their feathery embraces.

I rose to the surface, my tail forcing me through the water until I was skimming along the white-crested waves that led toward shore. The salty spray refreshed my face as I powered on. The breeze blew back my hair, somehow miraculously dry even as it streamed behind me. I glided onto the shore, small and free, floating along as a wave gently handed me to the sandy banks above. I laid in the warmth of the sand, feeling it shift beneath my weight as I breathed. The sand was soft, despite its graininess, and it held me comfortably as I recovered my breath form my playful excursions.

When I was rested, I traveled along on grass so soft, leaving the ocean behind. I closely followed the grassy expanse, which was leading me up a gently rising hill to the top of a cliff that overlooked the sea. The lush, green carpet rolled along behind me, even as the sea so blue rolled towards me. I saw a human standing there, still and watchful, waiting patiently for my return.

As I rejoined my mind with my body, I slowly set off towards home, breathing in the sweet, night air. I felt a refreshing breeze on my face and saw the bright stars twinkling above me. I could almost hear them speaking to one another. Slowly, I reached out to grasp the door handle, but I paused and looked back. For a moment I stood there, curiously wondering what delightful little adventures would be waiting in store for me tomorrow.