Honey and Tea

In the Garden, my love

There's honey and tea

And the perch by the roses

And the shady elm tree

Hear the willow tree sigh

Dewdrops like ivory on leaves

And the smell of chrysantemum

Carried on the breeze...

In the grey fountain, my dove

There's a forgotten, drowned box

Fraught with bluebell chimes, and rosemary

And paper-winged moths

The key, silver moons ago

Has been absent and lost

But maybe, my lovely dove

You can open the lock...

Beyond the gates, dear one

There's a shadow-fated maze

Haunted by creatures and spectres

Oh, the honey and tea they crave

Lead me to the heart, my love

Break my iron shackles free

Or spirit away so I can wither

Beneath the dying elm leaves.