Naivety, quickly rearranged by he
This node plays no role in the now
I am aware today of the flaw of this
Castle walls are built high for a reason
For us it was never enough to imagine
Perhaps you share this lazy fantasy
Somewhere under those glasses
I imagine a landscape littered with dreams
The by-products of those wrongful thoughts
Slathered in layers of heartfelt adjectives
Which we both acknowledge with silence
And the occasional playful word
The age of now is the wrong clock for us
Maybe this life is wrong for us
Catch a train in the next year, the next life
Meet me by that place of conceptuality
Where my naivety long since retreated
Maybe your innocence will prevail, then
And we can find those words
Always lingering on our lips
Bitten back by what we both know
Will eventually see light.

~Dedicated to Nokia 2