Note from the Author: This piece was written over the course of a few days (while I was attempting to finish a math project) last year. Not having known of this site it has sat in my files for the whole of my last school year and the summer following and I have to say that I didn't try to edit it much when I decided to post it here, on FictionPress so at some points you may feel as though I have rushed or not gone into great detail, and I apologize. With that said I would also like to add that this story has not only both language and violence, but romance of the homosexual orientation (YAOI, BOY LOVE, and whatever else you can think of) too. Thank you so much for reading, reviews are appreciated, have a good day!:)

Prologue- The First Meal

"Immortality is forever," she whispered, "and the mind melds; twisting and turning, learning from the past." Her thin fingers wrap about the small handgun, positioning it in the crook of his cool hands, "pull the trigger on someone else and watch the pain that you feel show on their face. We will express your suffering for you; please don't cry." She sat patiently before him while he wiped crimson tears from his cheeks, her deep green eyes calmly taking in the scene. "You will make others cry from now on and no more tears will fall from those wonderful red eyes ever again. You will be severe, unfeeling, we will feel for you- you don't need to any longer." An everyday smile spread across her lips as her lover looked up at her from his kneeling position, crimson stained green eyes of a newly turned vampire; she would not miss him, nor his green eyes that were once the same as hers, those eyes which reflected her mistake and the truth. She cursed herself for becoming such a sunshine lover.

"Amy?" The vampire stared in disbelief at the unexpected firearm in question, uncomfortable with it in his grasp, though it fit so snuggly there that it was as though he had used it all of his seventeen years.

"Shh," she soothed, reaching to smooth out his tousled blond hair, "aim for the forehead." There was sun in her voice, a cheerfulness that frightened him even more than the gun in his hands but he did as she told him, not knowing what to do otherwise. She sat back, smiling blissfully, her dress spreading out like a summer flower all around her, "Dearest Kenneth, truly, could you keep from crying for just one moment?"

The boy, quickly rubbing his blood tears from the corner of an eye, sniffed and straightened his arm, taking aim. "I love you, sister," he murmured, hoping to place meaningful words in her ears before she became the first of his many victims, yet, though he knew it to be true, she did not say the same; not even a short nod or hum in acknowledgement of his proclamation she just kept her smile, eyes closed to the coming dawn. Anger bubbled suddenly within him.

"The trigger, dearest Kenneth," Amy lightly interjected to his thoughts and his icy finger tightened about the balmy latch that would cause the gun to spring into action; why didn't she love him?! "Is it stuck, deares-"Her question cut short by the click then bang of the handgun as it fired. His lover lay in the skirt of her dress which now bloomed a beautiful new color of deep red. Her face, contorted and shock-stricken by the sudden bullet to the brain, stayed true to her promise. He felt exactly that very indescribable emotion that was Amy's last emotion. The hunger came then, so fierce that Kenneth felt as though he may throw up. Hungry; for food? No, blood; he was a vampire now. Amy.

His crimson eyes seemed to glow and his rationale faded slowly with the need for nutrition. Bending down on all fours, Kenneth crooked his head slightly as if examining the bloodstained white tile floor of their spacious kitchen then began to lick slowly, almost delicately at the deep pools of blood, still flowing from the gaping wound in his lover's head. A kitten at a bowl of milk, he carefully lapped up every drop that was possible as Amy slowly died away, out of his consciousness. After finishing, he fell asleep there on the kitchen floor and did not wake till the next evening, just as the moon was beginning to rise.

"What is this now?" An elegantly clad gentleman pulled a top hat from his head, revealing glistening locks of jet black hair, "child, you are most defiantly in a predicament." Kenneth rolled over to face him properly; the stranger's eyes glowed red.

"Yeah, I guess I am," the young vampire blinked at the obvious gore within his home but was referring to the other vampire in his presence. Immortals got in trouble for this kind of thing…Right?

The gentleman reached out for the boy's hand and lifted him from the pink tiles. "You are but a novice and yet you have been left like this? I have no choice but to take it upon myself to teach you our ways. One cannot just go about without knowing such things. I am known as Augustine, what is your name, child?" With that the gentleman lightly brushed at Kenneth's shoulders as if to try to brush some sort of debris off of him.

"Kenny," the new vampire whispered, in a sort of daze, "it's Kenny."