Lucifer screamed. He screamed as he fell, screamed like the fires of the abyss were consuming him.

And they were; tongues of orange licked at his hair, crept along his feathers and tore up his wings, his beautiful wings…

Agony clawed at his belly and made him bleed. Anger tore itself from his mouth and flung his screams to the skies.

Lucifer spun through the blackness, plummeting like a stone. He crashed to the ground in a flurry of smouldering amber feathers and immediately he burst into flame. He howled. The devouring flames ate up his skin and licked at his bones and danced around his eyes, sliding down his throat and scorching his insides.

Lucifer opened his mouth again and screamed. He spat fire. This must be what a dragon feels like, he thought, and started to laugh.

He laughed and laughed, and he laughed as he cried tears of flame. His throat was torn and scorched and he began to vomit blood, and still he laughed.

I hope you're happy, he sneered. I hope you have no regrets, doing this to me.

It's your fault, really.

Lucifer felt his bones turn to ash. He felt his brain burn and his tongue shrivel and his lungs burst open and his stomach cave in on itself. And still he laughed and screamed and cried.

He cried black tears.

Black tears streaked his disfigured face, once so beautiful.

So beautiful.

But beauty always falls.

And so Lucifer fell to the flames.