Have you ever looked into space

And wondered where youll be

In 20 years down the road

In 1oo possibly

Will you be with tall dark and handsome

Or short white and plain

Or maybe standing next to you

There I will be

Im not what you expected

This im pretty sure

When you saw those fairy tales

With the prince on that white horse

Infact im nothing like that

Im a girl and so are you

But baby I can give you

Everything that prince can do

I can give you safety

I can give you love

Just tell me baby what you need

And ill give you all the stars above

I may not be a prince

That you dreamt about when young

But princes are for losers

It's the princess that you want

Shes caring and polite

And would never let you down

Would never break your heart in two

Like all the princes do

Shes beautiful and sexy

And can do all that men can do

Just give her one chance

And youll be stuck to her like glue

So oyu see those fairy tales you saw

Were really wrong indeed

Its not the prince you want

It's the princess

And hey, that's me!