I sit here and stare

Stare at just one thing

The thing that mean the most to me

Brings me to my knees

Its you who makes me fall

Farther and farther each glance

I cant explain this feeling

This feeling that I have

Your eyes they stare right through me

They see all of my dreams

And I can only hope

Your heart and my dreams agree

Your touch it makes me shiver

Up and down my spine

If I couldn't look at you

The rest of my life id cry

You are my hopes

My very dreams

Please make them all come true

Be with me

Be my life and all my worth

Be my very soul

For if you were to just say yes

Theres something you must know

My hopes and dreams would be complete

My heart youd set aglow

I cant control the feelings

My heart gets around you

The sudden beats

The sudden shakes

You don't even have a clue

I didn't think it possible

For love at first sight

But then I meet you on the street

My heart got pulled to you

I have two eyes to see with

Two hands to hold with to

But why one heart

I Wondered

Now I know

The other was given to you

Youre walking towards me faster

I see you down the hall

Walking up to me

Faster my heart it beats

Hold my breath as you say

My hearts with you for all my days

Finally thanks to you

My biggest dreams they did come true