One day it will be

Forever and always

Just you and me

Holding me tight

Holding you close

You just cant deny

Heaven and bliss

And between you and I

When I feel your skin

I feel nice and warm

Nothing can touch me

Nothing can harm

Just you and me

How it should be

Alone in my bed

All that's in my head

Believe me

One day we will share

Our lives with no care

Believe me

On day it will be

Share with me

The warmth you feel

The happiness you have

I cant believe im here with you

I want you to be my life

I want you to be my everything

The one that I hold onto

Will you be my everything

The reason that I sing

With out you it is cold

Like a snow in July

Without you I die

A little inside

My life you came into

And now it you have changed

The way things have turned into

I want them to remain

My future its with you now

You hold my soul and heart

Please keep them safe

Don't tare them apart