Ive never been

With anyone

Who makes me feel alive

Never been with anyone

That held me so close

But baby you took my heart

Lets see where this goes

Lets see where you take me

Down this path of love

Whether its to the oceans

Or to the skies above

Lets see where you lead me

Take my hand and go

Where we stop this path of love

No one really knows

I never want us to stop

Never want us to end

I want us to keep walking

Till we reach heaven

I want to walk

To the isle

Where we say I do

And I want to walk

To the day

Where I see the delivery room

I want to walk to the stage

Where we see our child graduate

Will you walk with me

Is it worth the wait

I want to hold your hand

In sickness and in health

I want to make the budget work

In poverty or wealth

I want to pick the house

I live in for my life

With you standing by my side

With you as my wife

I want to take my last breath

Looking in your eyes

Holding me in your arms

But it wont be goodbye

Our walk will continue

Ill just have to wait

And wait I will for you

At heavens gates

So will you take this walk with me

This walk through our lives

My hand clapsed close to yours

Where theres never a goodbye