Were wide awake

Laying down

Just like millions

In this town

But only you

Matter to me

Just your heart beat

Dancing on my skin

Just your touch

Makes me feel alive

Only you hold my heart

When thousands had a chance

Millions others caught my eye

But you were love at a glance

I fell for you

And no one else

My heart with yours

It did melt

This way I feel

For no one I have felt

The butterflies you give me

To potent to describe

Intoxicated by your touch

Without it I can survive

Making you relax

Puts my head at ease

That face you give that you need me

Makes it hard just to breath

I know your mine

You know im yours

My body and yours

We have explored

I couldn't ask

For anything more

Were wide awake

And laying here

And I just thank god

That you are near