When I get home

Ill grab you tight

Ill kiss your lips

Threw the night

Hold your body

Close to mine

My hand to yours

I will bind

Ill lay you down

On the bed

On my chest

Youll lay your head

My fingers ill run

Threw your hair

No one will disturb

They wouldn't dare

Ive been gone

Way to long

I need you now

I cant go on

You make me feel

Like im alive

Without you

I would die

You are the love

Of my life

Apart from you

I feel such strife

From the darkness I cant hide

For you my love

You are my light

My heart it bleeds

Without you near

Without you

I hide in fear

I need you

And no one else

You are the love of my life

Cant you tell

I was ment for you

And you for me

When im with you

Its constant glee

So when I come home

Ill hold you tight


Youll turn on the light

And see you your face

So beautiful

And feel your love


Ill hold you tight

Wont let you go

I want you forever

I hope you know