You come home from a long day

You can barely stand

I carry you to the bed

You reach and grab my hand

Stay with me you say so soft

And stay with you I shall

And care for you all night long

Keep you calm and warm

Its that feeling

that nothing can go wrong

Its that feeling

Our love is oh so strong

That feeling that you need me

Makes me feel so free

That feeling that you need me

That's why I live baby

Wake up in the morning

Time to go to work

Her angel face looks up at me

Just 10 minutes more

You bat your eyes and pout your lips

Look at me and softly say

Baby cant you stay

Youre walking down the isle

On your daddys arm

Smiling straight at me

Your eyes fixed upon mine

Beauty at a glimpse

Your daddy stops

You let go

And quickly grab my hand

Then and there

I always knew

That I would be your woman