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1: Perfection

The scene outside of the chic restaurant known simply as Donnie's was surprisingly quiet. Usually, there were fancy cars and limos pulling up to the elegant restaurant with valets moving like clockwork to get folks out of their cars and get the cars into the garage while an amicable doorman ushered the customers in where they rarely had to wait long for a table—and even if they did, there was plenty to do. The bar always had the best liquors and there was a dance floor where customers could go and wait until they were called for their table. If drinking or dancing was not to one's liking, there was an open garden that could put any city park to shame for the patrons to wander with fountains and sculptures for people to admire; and the garden was open to the public. There were even benches to sit and take in the atmosphere. On certain days, waiters would go into the garden and take orders right there for people sitting in the colorful yard. It was not uncommon for couples to picnic right out in the garden on Spring or Summer days. On the second floor of the restaurant, a terrace offered a lovely view of the lush garden and it was a favorite place for diners, who often needed reservations a couple of months in advance to sit out there.

Today the place was nothing like that. The front was free of cars and the gardens were void of people. The bar was open, but there was not the typical crowd. There were only a few people lined up by the neat, well-stocked bar. There was a gathering of people that mingled together, talking and laughing, on the dance floor. They were all very well dressed for the formal event that did start, but would not be official until the guests of honor showed up. The assembly was not made to wait long.

"Tegan, what the hell, man? You sure you can't handle this one your own? I leave in charge for one night and you can't handle one night?" a low, slightly deep voice huffed.

"Don, I can handle it! I've got no problem with handling it!" more high-pitched whine, replied.

"If that's the case, why I am here instead of out on the town with my damned beautiful wife while she's looking her sexiest?"

"You'll get to that soon enough. Why the hell are you complaining, anyway? You didn't even plan anything for tonight!"

"I didn't plan anything because Rae said she had it all under control, right, baby?"

A new voice, softer than the other two responded. "I did have it all under control, but I did not plan for Tegan."

"To hell with both of you!" the whiny voice declared.

The argument went on while everyone got in place, going into the main hall of the restaurant. The voices got closer and then the owners stepped through the large doors from the foyer. As soon as the trio stepped into view, their discussion was halted by the loud shout of "happy anniversary!"

Two pairs of eyes looked up in shock while spring green eyes danced with smug glee. Those first two pair of orbs turned to the owner of the green eyes. A grin also spread out on the owner's peach-colored face.

The two pairs of eyes, one light hazel and the other deep brown, turned back to the gathering, trying to take in everything. The sharp hazel eyes belonged to Donatella Bonaventure, better known as "Donnie" or "Don." She was an imposing figure with a demeanor that commanded obedience and attention. She stood five foot nine inches, but something about her always made it seem like she was more than six feet tall. She had an athletic build, almost as thick as a sprinter. Her hair was cut stylishly short, barely going to the nape of her neck and there were rust-colored highlights going through the dark brown strands. Her tan skin was dull and she often described it as being "dusty." She was dressed for a night on the town, wearing one of her favorite cream-colored pantsuits.

In contrast, the owner of the deep, caring brown eyes was short woman, barely five foot three. She was Rae Bonaventure, Donnie's beloved wife. She was petite with light, creamy skin and ebony hair that was curled and fell to her shoulders. She was dressed in a sleek powder blue dress that fell just below her knees with high heels that almost placed her at Donnie's height. Contrasting with Donnie's aura, she gave off comforting vibes that drew a lot of people in to her for advice or just to unload their troubles. Donnie often described her as a "cuddly person," not because Rae liked to cuddle, but it was easy to see that a lot of people wanted to hug her.

"Tegan, what's this?" Donnie inquired, somewhat demanding since she really did not know how to ask a question unless she was talking to Rae.

"Uh…an anniversary party, duh! Are you this dense, Don?" Tegan, the green-eyed woman, answered with an impish smile. She was almost Donnie's height with a little less weight and muscle on her frame, making her body a bit more average. She had hair the color of blood, which seemed almost on fire against her fair skin; it went just past her shoulders. She was dressed in a black suit with the jacket open, showing her form-fitting mint green shirt. Her ebony high-heeled boots were brand new for the occasion.

Hazel eyes immediately went to Rae. "Did you know about this?" Donnie asked curiously, searching for some hint that she was not the only one in the dark about all of this.

Rae shrugged and shook her head. "I didn't know a damn thing. I was planning to take you to that dance show you've been dying to see."

"Oh, damn, you got tickets for that?" Donnie asked incredulously, staying focused on her wife instead of the crowd of people that were there to celebrate.

"It's all right, babe. They're open seats. I wasn't sure if you'd be able to get away from the restaurant tonight," Rae explained.

"Of course I could get away from the restaurant. It's our third anniversary and this is the reason I haven't killed Tegan yet," Donnie remarked while motioning to the green-eyed woman with both hands.

"Ha, ha. If you haven't done it in the thirty years you've known me, I don't think you're ever going to do it. Now, come on and help us celebrate! I had the staff cook up all of your favorite things…or at least things they're good at. I handled the main course, of course, and Ran was here for-fucking-ever to make the desserts. Your eyes are going to fall out of your head when you see the cake she made!" Tegan declared, bouncing around in a manner that Donnie was all too familiar with.

Donnie and Rae turned their attention to the people that showed up for the celebration. They smiled at everyone…Donnie looked a little more awkward than Rae. Donnie was just as flattered, but she really would have liked to go to the dance show since she had been dying to see it for a year now. Instead of complaining, she kept her awkward smile and allowed Rae to lead her into a crowd of friends and staff.

Once Donnie was in the crowd, her mood cleared and her smile changed into something more genuine. Rae stuck close to Donnie's side as they circulated through the crowd. Donnie's mood lightened even more as they came across one of her best friends.

"Spain, girl, did you know about this shit and didn't bother to tell me?" Donnie asked, speaking to her friend.

Spain was a woman that stood roughly six feet tall. She had rich chestnut skin with dark brown hair that was almost always done in a ponytail; that night was the exception and she had it styled hanging down past her shoulders. She wore sleek spectacles over her coffee-colored eyes. Like everyone else, she was dressed formally; her outfit consisted of black slacks with a matching vest and midnight blue silk shirt. Just from the way she stood, people always got an idea that she was physically powerful, even though they could not see her ripped muscles thanks to her flowing clothing. She did have broad shoulders, which added to the strong energy.

"Don, I barely knew this was happening. I didn't think Tegan had it in her actually," Spain remarked with a chuckle. Her eyes swept across the crowded hall and she nodded to herself, approving of the nicely done celebration.

"I agree. This shit seems a little too elaborate for her to pull off on her own," Donnie quipped, looking around at the elegant setup. It was something that she had seen many times in the restaurant, except she usually arranged it. Tegan rarely wanted to be involved in putting together parties, unless they included the press and cameras.

"I just hoped she remembered it was Rae's anniversary too," Spain commented, shaking her head. She then turned her attention to the aforementioned woman and engulfed her in a hug that was equally returned. "How're you doing? You look really good," the giantess said with a look of approval in her eyes.

"Is that your professional opinion, doctor?" Rae teased as they released each other.

Spain laughed a bit, thinking that joke would probably never get old to her. She was indeed a doctor, and whenever she offered her opinion on just about anything, her friends asked if that was her professional opinion. Never mind the fact that she was a surgeon and not a psychiatrist. A lot of the time, she felt it was her professional opinion because she feared that she might be the only one in their clique with any common sense.

"She's right and Tegan had help," another woman informed them as she came over and attached herself to Spain's side.

"Of course." Donnie nodded. That made a lot of sense to her. "It would be impossible for her to do this by herself."

"How are you doing, French?" Rae said to the newcomer, who was now glued to Spain.

"I'm good! I've been able to get Spain away from the hospital for a little while and I was able to help Tegan put together this little shindig for you two! You should've seen her, Don. She actually did some work!" French, the newcomer, remarked with a big grin. Her face was lit up with happiness, which was typical for her.

"I hear you guys talking about me!" Tegan huffed, a smile brightening her face as she strolled over and completed the group.

"We're saying better things than usual," French assured the fiery redhead.

Tegan stuck her tongue out at the short woman, who seemed even smaller standing next to Spain. They all thought it was funny that the smallest amongst them was paired with tallest in the group. They also thought it was funny that Spain was able to find a woman with a name that was of a similar nature to her own.

French was a petite woman with a round face. She was very clingy, which also something that made her seem like an opposite of Spain, who usually liked her space; it was trait that she shared with Donnie, and Rae surprisingly enough. French was fair-skinned with curly blonde hair and blue eyes that always seemed to shine; her eyes had a way of lighting up a room when she walked in. She was wearing a bright yellow dress that screamed "happy," which her friends expected of her. The dress hugged her just enough to turn heads, but it left a little to the imagination.

"You should be saying good things! I threw all this together!" Tegan declared with a grin, motioning for a server to bring over some champagne.

"You threw all this together?" French inquired with an arched eyebrow.

"Uh…with help!" Tegan added in as she grabbed a glass of champagne for each other them, handing them out. She then proposed a toast between the five of them. "To my dear, best friend and her wife for keeping up the perfect relationship for five years, and being happily married for three of those years."

Glasses clanged to that and they each took a little sip of champagne. The party went on and was pretty much a success. Tegan took all the compliments for the setup, which they expected, even though French did help her. The one thing the friends always agreed on was that the thing Tegan was best at was taking credit. They doubted that she even realized that she was doing it.

As the night went on, everyone had dinner, which was great. This time when Tegan took all the compliments, they were well deserved because food was the one thing that she could and did handle on her own. After dinner, dessert was served. A huge cake, one that would easily feed the large crowd, was wheeled out. The cake was covered in a white and tan frosting, a special concoction from the resident baker, a Japanese woman named Ran. Yellow trim and multi-colored flowers decorated the tasty treat. The top simply read "Happy Anniversary Donnie and Rae!" The celebrated couple was led to the cake in order for them to cut it and share the first slice.

"Before we cut the cake, Rae and I would like to make an announcement," Donnie informed the guests that were gathered around the monster-sized dessert.

Rae looked up at her spouse and smiled brightly; the expression earned her a smile in return. The guests were now intrigued. They figured that Donnie was about to say something that involved whisking her wife away from an extravagant vacation to celebrate their third anniversary. Donnie was the indulgent type, loving to spoil her wife.

"Now, Rae and I have been together for five years, the best five years of my life. Of three of those years, we've been married and you all know just how much I love that," Donnie declared quite seriously.

She took Rae's hand in hers and looked lovingly down at her spouse. They smiled at each other again. The crowd—used to such spectacles—knew that if they were patient Donnie would get back to her point before making someone vomit with the lovey-dovey mess between her and her wife.

"We've been so happy together for all these years and we've decided to share that happiness by starting our own family," Donnie announced to everyone, grinning as she spoke. Her eyes sparkled as she thought about having her own family.

"Family?" French echoed with a smile while Spain just smiled.

"Rae's pregnant!" Donnie announced and she threw her arms around her spouse. She pretty much engulfed Rae, seemingly swallowing the smaller female.

"You go, stud!" Tegan remarked with a grin and then she whistled loudly.

Donnie snorted as she laughed. "I'm going to take credit for this too because this is my baby Rae's carrying," she proclaimed with a bright smile of her own.

"And how's that, stud?" Tegan inquired, wondering what secret her best friend had been keeping from her now.

"We had my egg implanted into Rae's body. This wonderful woman here is carrying my baby!" Donnie held Rae tighter. Rae laughed heartily while pressing herself into her larger-than-life spouse. She laughed even more when Donnie started placing light kisses behind her right ear.

"Did you know about this?" French demanded to know, turning to her doctor girlfriend.

Spain chuckled a bit, but held up her hands in surrender. "I didn't have a damn clue. The most I ever got in this was a couple of years ago when Donnie once randomly said 'it would be so cool if Rae could have my baby.' And that was it," she swore, not wanting to suffer the wrath of her woman.

French smiled. "Okay, I believe you for now. You're lucky you don't lie well, babe."

Spain chuckled again; she supposed that was a good trait sometimes, although there were times when she would like to get away with something. They turned their attention back to Donnie and Rae as they finally cut the cake. The guests cheered as the couple shared a bit of the first slice.

After making sure everyone had cake and talking with a few people briefly, Donnie and Rae went to take a walk in the gardens. Deep brown eyes wandered the area with amazement and awe coloring them while hazel eyes focused on the svelte body pressed against Donnie. Rae loved it out there; her love of the garden had inspired Donnie to expend it and open it to patrons a few years ago. Rae cuddled so close to Donnie that it seemed like she was trying to merge their bodies.

"This was very nice," Rae commented, speaking almost in a breath. There was a peace in her tone that relaxed her spouse all the way to the center of her being.

"Yeah, Tegan went above and beyond for once in her life. She also gave us a great forum to announce that we're pregnant," Donnie replied with a soft smile, gently rubbing her wife's shoulder with one hand.

"Yeah, everyone was very supportive of that," Rae said, putting her hand to her still flat stomach.

"I can't wait. Seven months seems like such a long time," Donnie sighed impatiently, moving her hand to cover Rae's hand that was resting on her belly. Then she nuzzled the smaller woman's neck.

"It'll go by fast since you stay so busy. Besides, when all of the hormones and stuff start kicking in, you're not going to want to be around me anyway!" Rae teased.

Donnie laughed and placed a few more kisses to her wife's ear. "I'm always happy to be around you. I don't care how grumpy you get. We're going to have a baby. I can't wait!"

Rae smiled; she could not help believing that her spouse was as happy as a person could be about expecting a child. Ever since they had gone through the procedure, Donnie spoke about their baby, whom she affectionately referred to as "Lil Donnie," as if the child was already there. Rae was just as enthused and usually went right along with Donnie whenever she started up about the baby.

"Do you want to sit down?" Donnie asked cautiously as they continued through the garden, walking on the narrow cobblestone path that cut through the lively green landscape.

Rae giggled. "Baby, I'm not that big yet. We haven't been pregnant long enough for me to need to rest every couple of minutes," she lightly taunted.

"Oh…right…But, if you do need to sit down, you make sure you tell me!" Donnie ordered.

A small smile made its way onto Rae's face. "Of course, Don."

They strolled on quietly until they came to Rae's all-time favorite space in the garden. There was a fountain that looked like it had been plucked from ancient Rome with lights in that made the water glow an electric blue and circled by perfectly cared for flowers. They sat down on a marble bench next to the fountain, sighing as cool air came off of the flowing water.

"I remember years ago when I saw this in a magazine article about Donnie's. I always wanted to come here," Rae said, grabbing on Donnie's hand and giving it a light squeeze.

"Now, you never want to come here," Donnie pointed out with a teasing smile.

"It's not that. I love this spot and you run a damn nice restaurant, baby. It's pointless to come here because I want to be on a romantic evening and what the hell is romantic about the restaurant for you?" Rae countered, leaning against her spouse's side.

"This was romantic, but I can see your point. I wouldn't want to come here for a date."

"You know you're the only person in this state that can say that, right?" Rae remarked, teasing grin in place.

Hazel eyes were rolled and she leaned down to kiss her petite wife. Rae returned the embrace with a deep passion that she was sure she only ever felt for Donnie. It was Donnie that always engulfed her, taking over her senses, filling the air around her with her own energy. Donnie felt the same about Rae, like Rae seeped into every piece of her and occupied her entire being, especially when they kissed.

"God…I love it when you do that…" Rae whispered as she pulled away to take in oxygen. She felt like she was breathing her spouse in as she caught her breath.

"I love you point blank," Donne commented, earning a very sweet smile.

"Then take me home."

Donnie was standing in a flash and helping her wife to her feet. Rae smiled more, pleased with Donnie's manners. They went back into the dining hall, planning to thank everyone for coming and bid everyone goodnight. They were not surprised when Tegan popped up and tried to hold them up with idle conversation.

"I can't believe you didn't tell me you were trying to get Rae pregnant!" Tegan said, throwing her arm around Donnie, who grimaced and groaned.

"It might have a little something to do with the fact that you have a big ass mouth and I didn't want to jinx it or have the world know before we were sure she was pregnant," Donnie explained with an annoyed grunt.

"I don't have a big mouth!" Tegan proclaimed, thoroughly offended that her friend would suggest such a thing.

"No, just a loud voice," Donnie quipped, earning a chuckle from her beloved. After laughing, Rae gave Donnie a downright sexy look, reminding Donnie that she wanted to go home. Donnie turned her attention back to her best friend. "Look, Tegan, is that Jeff over there?" she asked, pointing to the far side of the room.

"Nice try, but I'm done with Jeff," Tegan commented with a smirk, wagging a finger at her friend.

"Damn it. Look, you threw a great party, but it is our anniversary. We don't plan to spend the whole night here," Donnie stated bluntly.

"You're just going to run out of my wonderful party?" Tegan inquired, as if she was totally crushed. She put on this fake pout and forced her eyes to water, like she was going to burst into tears any second.

"Will you let them go already?" Spain huffed as she approached the scene.

"I'm just saying that I went through all of this trouble to throw this together. The least they could do was stick around and experience it," the redhead argued quite seriously.

"They've experienced it enough. They've got other things to do with their anniversary. Let them go," Spain practically growled, glaring down at Tegan. Hard green eyes stared back with just as much seriousness as the coffee-colored ones.

Donnie rolled her eyes and took the moment to lead her wife out of the room while Tegan was otherwise occupied. She helped Rae into their car, a mid-sized red sedan. Rae breathed a sigh of relief as soon as they were moving. Donnie wanted to do the same thing, but she held it in because she knew her wife would tease her if she did.

The drive home was spent in silence, but Rae held onto Donnie's hand for the entire trip. They lived in a professional part of town, on a hill that over looked the city and also gave them a lovely view of the ocean, which was not too far away. There was a gate, which they actually just put up; Donnie thought it would be a good idea for when "Lil Donnie" was old enough to play in the yard and would not be in danger of running in the street. The house was large by most standards, especially for two people, but they were happy the population of the house was going to increase soon. Still, three people in a five-bedroom house seemed excessive to some.

After parking in the driveway, Donnie helped Rae out of the car and they went right up to their bedroom; they did not even bother turning on any lights in the house, except for the ones that they always left on when they were out. They did turn on the lights when they hit their bedroom, bathing the gigantic room in light.

The room was decorated in calming, earthy tones, mostly light tan and beige. The carpet was a sandy color while the walls were beige. The dressers were a smooth, tawny wood. There was a vanity that matched the dressers with rows of different beauty items lined up. The king-sized bed set up against the middle of the back wall was covered in a clay-colored spread that had a cube design on it that matched the pillows perfectly.

"Baby, can you unzip me?" Rae requested as she slipped off her shoes. She turned her back to her spouse, expecting to have her dress slowly peeled from her body.

"Wait," Donnie begged, even though her fingers itched to do as requested.

"For?" Rae asked, turning again to face the taller woman.

"Your anniversary gift. I have to give it to you while it's still our anniversary," Donnie pointed out with a smile.

"Oh, yes, my dear, that you do," Rae remarked with her own delighted smile. She had given Donnie her present much earlier because Donnie really needed the gift. Damn it, the woman could break a watch with an ease that baffled her small wife. Rae wondered how long the watch that she bought would last Donnie. She suspected she would be buying another one next year.

"This is for the best five years of my life. I look forward to a lifetime of this. Thank you for being the mother of my child. Thank you for just being with me," Donnie said in a sexy purr, reaching into her pocket. She pulled out a black velvet box.

"You do know you can't propose to me again, right? You already married me," Rae joked, still smiling.

"This has nothing to do with proposing…" Donnie opened the box and pulled out a gold locket on a matching chain. "You can open it. I was hoping you'd put Lil Donnie's picture in here when she's born."

Rae's face light up like a box of fireworks as her beloved eased the necklace on her neck. "You know I am!" She then launched herself at her spouse, going in for a deep kiss.

Donnie knew what the kiss was for, so she decided to get to the finale of their anniversary. She wrapped her arms around Rae's lithe form, pressing her closely. Rae listened to her lover's heartbeat as she anticipated her spouse's next move. Donnie's nimble hand wandered Rae's back, trying to locate a certain zipper that was no longer needed. When adroit fingers finally found the zipper, she dropped it slowly, which Rae expected; Donnie was always into being sensual—or a tease as Rae liked to think of it.

The restaurant owner generally liked to go at a pace that simply made Rae beg for her after a while. Rae sometimes suspected that Donnie actually liked to hear her beg, but Donnie never admitted to that. The tanned woman always said that she wanted to make sure every inch of her wife was sizzling before she put out the fire.

"Please, baby, don't tease me like this tonight," Rae begged in a whisper as she clung to Donnie.

The taller woman shrugged and a sexy smirk conquered her face. "Your wish is my command."


The happy couple curled up together after a couple hours of coupling. They were ready to just fall into a deep, coma-like sleep, but a thought hit Rae. She turned up to Donnie, who was a mere millisecond away from being knocked out for the night.

"Babe, is your friend coming tomorrow to start working on the nursery?" Rae asked curiously, voice low from being drowsy.

"She's not really going to work tomorrow. She just wants to see the room again and 'visualize' or whatever the hell she does when designing crap," Donnie answered.

Rae took a mock-hit at her spouse, only caressing her arm. "Don, don't make fun of her. Do you think she says that when she comes to your restaurant on nights where you're the head chef?"

"Uh…yeah, she's my friend, babe," Donnie answered with a chuckle.

Rae decided not to argue since she knew how Donnie and her friends were. "Did she say when she was coming by?"

"Knowing her, it'll be sometime in the afternoon. It's okay. I'll be here for it, so you don't have to deal with it all by yourself."

Rae smiled a bit and then cuddled into Donnie's warm form even more. They then drifted off to sleep, very satisfied with their anniversary. They were looking forward to getting things ready for when their baby arrived too.


Next time: Audrey enters the picture.