Chapter 2:

Primordial mythology.

I woke at 6:30 like I always did. Since I am only 16 year old I had to go to school like a human kid and pretend that I was one of them. My father Anthony had put my brother and me in a private school and my older sister Kath and my mom's friend son Edd went to this school as well of course they don't study there anymore they are old enough. So, I put on my black and blue skirt and my white bottom up shirt, and my blue tie and went down stair to find my brother Alexander waiting for me. I had put my hair into a pony tail like I always had, I didn't like to have hair in my face. I looked at my brother and smiled. He had the same uniform as me but of course the boys one. "Ready?" He asked. I nodded and we both went out the door to get on in his black 67 Chevy and drove to school. I looked outside the window as Alexander drove. I had a small dream last night about him and it troubles me. The dream kept playing in my head over and over again like a movie and no matter how much I wanted to deny it I wanted it to be true.

So... Mikael again? I thought you concluded him?" Alexander said out of the blue.

"I know... I thought so too" I sigh.

"Why do you wanna get over him so badly...? I mean the guy is eminent and he truly loves you, I don't think he's affected at all by our nature which I find very bizarre " Alexander said as he drift off in to thought. That what I use to think, before he told me he was half wolf. Of course he wasn't affected by it, he was a wolf and we were vampire not affect by any kind of trick the other might have.

"Must be because we grew up together" Alexander finally said.

"Yeah... maybe" I said as I rolled my eyes.

"So..." Alexander started saying when all of the sudden his eyes went white and he let go of the wheel making the car lose a little control.

"Oh crap!!" I yelled as I quickly took hang of the wheel until he got back to our senses. Alexander and I were one of the few vampires in the world, or at least in our family that had special abilities. Alexander saw the future, which it was delightful when there was a test; we always have more time than the other to study. I could wander around people memories when I contact their heads which it was useful just for me sometimes. All of the sudden Alexander eyes went back to normal making him came back to normal. "Tell me the next time... you almost got us killed" I said as he took over the wheel once again and I left my arms drop back to my seat.

"Sorry, but I can't feel them coming sometimes. Beside a car crash can't kill us, you know the only way to kill a vampire is by cutting their head off" Alexander said in clever tone. Alexander is really intelligent but sometimes it pisses me off that he knows so much.

"I know, I know but how the hell are we going to explain when we come out of the crash without a single scratch" I said with a smirk. They're very little time when I got Alexander in his own little joke and when I did, I had a lot reasons to feel haughty.

"Good point" He chuckled.

"Anyway... what did you see?" I asked. I started to see the entrance of the school. The lime green bars from the gate shine most of all making it very visible.

"A new girl is coming, she's gonna be your friend" He said with a smirk.

"That's... good" I said unsure. The smirk that Alexander had wasn't very reassuring and something told me that something was up. Alexander parked his car in front in an empty spot and we both got off from his car. When we got to the main entrance we said our good byes and walked off to our different direction. I was making my way to the cafeteria where I met with my two best friends every morning when someone stopped me. I turn around to find a blond haired guy with green eyes grinning at me.

"Hello James" I said. James was a guy that shadow me ever since I started school, of course I couldn't really accuse him, he was affected by my nature just like every other man human did in this school.

"Hey Alexa... I was wondering... are you like free this Sunday because there is this party and I wanted to go... with you" James said as he looked down with a blush.

"Uh... sorry James, I already have plans. Maybe you should ask Stephanie... she'll go" I said with a sweet smile leaving him completely astonish.

"Ok" He said and ran off to find Stephanie who was the biggest whore in all the school but had a huge crush on James since we were 10. I started to walk again to the cafeteria, until I saw my friends in our table but there was one more girl sitting there. I quickly made my way there and sat right beside one of my friends.

"Hey guys" I said. The girl beside me is Elena Fernandez. She is one of my oldest friends. Her family is Latina and she is very shy but when you get to know her she is a great person. She had long black hair and dark brown eyes. My other friend is Krista Patterson. Krista is more outgoing and she likes to party a lot. She has short black hair and green eyes. I smiled to both at them and then I turn to look at the other girl sitting in my table. The girl had short brown hair and emerald green eyes.

"Hi!! Alexa!! hey this is Emma Weston, she just moved here, isn't that great" Krista said as she smiled at the girl.

"Oh Hello, my name is Alexa Baxter... nice to meet you" I said as I smiled at her. Emma smiled wickedly at me while nodding her head.

"I know who you are" She said. I raised my eyebrow but decide to just brush it off. We started talking with each other until Krista jumped off the sit in fear.

"Oh My God I totally forgot I have a huge book report due today and I have to go to the library to print it" Krista said.

"Don't panic... I'll go with you" Elena said as she slowly got up from her seat.

"I'll guess we'll see you guys at lunch" I said with a smile.

"Yeah sorry, See you guys later bye" Krista said as she ran off to the library dragging Elena with her. I looked back at Emma who was smiling at me.

"Uh... so?" I asked awkwardly.

"I know you're a vampire" She said smiling.

"W- what?" I asked staring at her.

"I know you're a vampire... to tell you the truth I have never seen one of you so close but I'm sure that you are one. I mean pale skin, males are always behind you. Yup definitely a vampire" She said smiling. I stared at her in surprise this time, could it be? Could this human know about us?

"How do you know this?" I asked.

"Because... I'm a witch.. and I know quite enough" She said. I stared at her again before chuckling.

"You're joking right... Witches are like the oldest creature in the world... it's ridiculous that your one" I said

"That because I'm the youngest... I'm the daughter of a great wizard and beautiful mare human" She said with a smug smile.

"Prove it" I said.

"Ok, I shall" She said. She looked around and smile as she caught the sight of a guy right beside us. She wiggle her finger and mumble something and in minutes the guys milk started splashing him in the face like if it was host. Emma giggled as she wiggled her finger again and the milked stop. She looked at me and smile. "Do you believe now?" She asked.

"Whoa... A witch, I have never have seen one before... this is unusual and extraordinary " I said.

"Yes it is... I mean meeting a vampire is an honor" She said.

"I say likewise" I said. Emma smiled and nod.

"So... tell me how many are they're here?" She asked.

"Oh not much it's just my father, my mother my elder sister, my twin brother and a woman and a boy that lives with us, Oh you most meet them... they would be delighted when they meet a witch" I said with a smile.

"Of course... I would like to meet some vampire... they are such a great creatures" She said. I smiled to myself as I felt not alone in my school anymore. Of course I had friends to hang out with my friend but it wasn't really the same... now I had a friend that shared almost the same experience as me, I was thrilled.


I had an amazing day with Emma, she and I exchange things of what we know all day. It felt great to have a friend that knew my secret. We were leaving school together. She was going to meet my family, when I notice that Alexander's car wasn't in the parking spot that he had put this morning. I groan at the sight of this.

"What the matter?" She asked.

"My brother took off without me... do you mind if we walk it isn't really far" I said.

"No I don't mind" She said.

"Great" I said with a smile. I turn left to start walking towards my home when I saw Mikael get off his car. "Oh god what is he doing here?" I asked.

Emma looked in the direction I was looking.

"Who? The werewolf that came here to see that young werewolf?" She asked as she pointed at Eric Buffay. A kid that was in my Social study class.

"Eric Buffay is a werewolf?" I asked.

"Yeah... didn't you notice?" She asked and I shook my head. She looked back at Eric and shrugged. Unwilling my heart fell when Emma told me that Mikael was here to talk to Eric and not me. I knew she really didn't know... but I still felt a pang of pain.

"Alexa!!" I heard a male voice called me. I turn towards who was calling me and saw that Mikael was running towards me with a huge grin. As soon as Mikael stood by my side a strong and sweet smell of dirt and sweat hit my nose making my guts flip with joy.

"Hello Mikael" I said with a smile.

"I was told to tell Eric something and I was waiting for him and I saw your brother. I didn't know you went to this school" He said with a grin.

"Yeah, I do" I said with a giggle.

"Wow I can believe it.... a Vampire and a Werewolf... in love right in front of me! What do your family say" Emma said making us notice her. I chuckled nervously and looked at Michael.

"They don't really know that he's a Werewolf" I explain.

"I see... but man they should know I mean... he look just like they show you in the book, he tall, handsome, muscular and childish" Emma said.

"Uh who the heck are you?" Mikael asked as he stared at her with confusion.

"Oh! My name is Emma Weston and I'm a witch" She said. Mikael stared at her like she was crazy for a couple of minutes and then he turn to me.

"She is" I said.

"She is?" He asked.

"Hell yeah I am" Emma said as she laughed.

"Holy mother of god.. This town just got even weirder" Mikael said as he slap his forehead in amusement. I rolled my eyes and giggled which made him look at me and smile. "So... where are you guys going?" He asked.

"We were walking to my house... Alexander left without us" I said as I glared at the empty parking space.

"I can drive you guys there" He said with a grin.

"Really? You would do that?" I asked as I smiled at him.

"Sure... no problem" He said, he started to walk toward his car when he grab my hand and pulled me with him. Emma who was instantly beside me followed us. We got into his car and he drove us to my house.

When we were finally in my house, we got out and I smiled at him. "Thank you for the ride" I said.

"You welcome" He said with a smug, cool smile.

"You there been something I've been meaning to tell you and I can get it out of my head" I said.

"And what's that?" He asked.

"I love you" I said and gave him a quick kiss in the lips and hurry up to the front porch where Emma was waiting for me with a grin. I looked back at him to find him staring at me in surprise, I just smirked at him and waved making him grin. I turn around once again just to hear a happy yell from him. I giggled to myself and started to open my door. As soon as I unlock the door we got in and I locked the door behind me and pulled Emma into the kitchen where all of my family and Mrs. Ebmna and her son Edd. I told them about what had happen excluding the part where Emma notice that Mikael was a werewolf of course. They all were very energized and we all sat in the living chatting between us. Emma hadn't said anything about Michael which I was glad for... I don't know how were they were gonna react, but that wasn't something I thought it was possible to worry about.


I watch how Emma got so along with my family, They as well as me have never seen a real witch in our life I mean, we were young even my mother and father. They were only 45 and 49, even if they looked like twenty. Of course since Vampire body's stop growing at the age of 20. My mother and father say that when a Vampire turn 20 their body starts dyeing and all of your insides stop working including your heart and it's a very painful process that every vampires has to go through and that not many of us survive.

All of the sudden I felt my cell phone vibrate in my pocket. I quickly grab it just notice that it was text message from Mikael.

-"Come outside... I wanna talk" It said. I gave a light sigh and with that I got up making everyone stare at me.

"Where are you going" My mother asked me.

"Mikael's out there... he wants to talk to me" I said. Everyone in the room smile as I mention Mikael.

"Oh is that the nice young human that brought us here?" Emma asked as she smiled at. She knew that Mikael wasn't really human but she had kept her promise to keep this as a secret.

"Yes" I said and walked away. I went out through the back door into the backyard but all I saw was darkness. The walked a little further trying to see if I saw him but I saw nothing.

"Looking for me?" A male husky voice said from behind me making me shiver with pleasure. I turn around and grinded at Mikael who just grin back.

"So... what do you wanna talk about?" I asked as I folded my arms.

"I don't get it; I thought Vampires hate every other creature. Why does your family react so well to that witch?" Mikael asked confuse. I started at him for a couple of minutes before I started to laugh.

"Is that what the wolf's told you?" I asked. Mikael raised my eyebrow signaling that this wasn't funny at all for him. I sigh and rolled my eyes. "Vampire get along with any other creature in the world with the exception of werewolf" I explain.

"And why the hell is that?" He asked angrily.

"Because we're entirety opposed. Like vampires are nocturnal creatures... well use to be of course, and there a lot of things that makes them different" I said. Mikael sigh angrily and threw himself into the floor.

"Well, that's just stupid!" He said. I giggled and gratefully sat beside him.

"I agree" I said with a smile. There was a comfortable silence between us but Mikael broke it.

"Uh... this is gonna sound really stupid but I just want to know... where do Witches come from?" Mikael asked. I stared at him in confusion for a couple of minutes without answering.

"Uh... like everyone else Mikael" I said as I raised an eyebrow.

"No! I didn't mean it like that, I mean like Uh Werewolf, we are half wolf, half human and werewolf can be made by werewolf and a human or with another werewolf... but what about witches or vampires?" He asked.

"What they don't tell you about that stuff?" I asked.

"Well, I guess if you ask they tell you" He said.

"Then why don't you ask? I mean I know the answer but I think is better if you got it from someone from your breed" I said as I looked away.

"But I'm asking you beside... I haven't been a Werewolf for long to be asking this stuff... I mean I wasn't even sure that these were real... I mean until you told me what you were" Mikael said in a shy tone.

"Mikael, you haven't seen me like in three years. How can that be possible?" I asked.

"They said I wasn't ready... now can you please tell me?" He asked again. He took my chin and gently made me look at him. Once again I was lost in to those big pools of yellow liquid, lost in that little happy place. I sigh and nod.

"Well for once Vampires are half human and half bat... and you should know that when I say this it doesn't mean that I human had sex with a bat a then the vampires came... in those time the people used a lot of dark magic and they made a lot of creations" I explain. Mikael was very quiet and I could tell he was very interested in what I was telling him.

"When a vampire is with a human the kid can either be human but it can also be a vampire. When a vampire is with another vampire the kid is a vampire like my mom and dad... but a vampire can be renovate as well when a human is bitten by a vampire... and it's left alive" I explain.

"I see... what about witches?" He asked.

"Well... I read once that a witch was made a long time a ago by a human and a fairy but I don't really know of it's accurate... you will have to ask Emma about that" I said.

"Ok... Alex, can I ask you something else?" He asked.

"Sure" I said.

"Well brother of mine back in New York told me that some of you... vampires had some special ability... is that true?" He asked. I notice the sudden hesitation when he said vampire, something told me that his... friends hadn't call us Vampire when he told Mikael this.

"It's true... but they are very few" I said.

"Do you have one?" He asked as he eyed me.

"Yes... I do" I said.

"Really? What can you do?" He asked as he sat up with sudden happiness making me giggle.

"I can see what you're thinking... by touching your forehead" I said.

"Can you try it on me?" He asked.

"Yeah" I said. I sat up myself and turn toward him facing him. "Ok here I go" I said with a grin. I slowly reach for his forehead while looking deep into his eyes. As soon as my hand touch his head a image came into my mind.


An 11 year old boy was sitting in some red colored swing looking down at ground. The boy had spiky brown hair and yellow eyes. The place around him was empty. All of the sudden a girl's voice was heard from afar. The boy lifted his head to find a long red haired girl with blue eyes standing right in front of him. The boy face change from sadness to total happiness and his hearts was pounding loudly in his chest.

"Come on let's play!" She said in a small cute voice. The boy nod and jumped out of the swing and ran along with the little girl beside her.


I took my hands away from Mikael's head and stared at him in surprise. He was grinning at me like he always did. "What did you see?" He asked.

"I saw... you and... me... when we were littleā€¦ playing" I said.

"Yup... I thought it would be nice if you saw one of my favorite's memories. That was the day when you came back from a trip that you had with your parents. You left for a week and I felt so lonely and sad. That is until you came back" He explains. I stared at him again and then smiled. I threw myself at him and hugged him tightly. He was surprise by my sudden outburst but then he just chuckled and hugged me back.

"Tell me... if I'm thinking something... will you hear it if you touch my head?" He asked.

"I guess" I said as I looked at him and raised my eyebrow.

"Try it" He said. I nodded softy and touch his forehead once again. This time everything went completely black.

I love you more than my own life

I know that we've been friends since for ever

And we spent so much time trying to deny these feelings

But all of these years away from you made me notice that I didn't admit it soon

I would lose you

And that made me scared

So, there is no more hiding my feeling for you

I Love You

Once again I took my hands away from his head and stared at him again. "I love you too Mikael" I said in a small voice. He smile and reach out for my face and with his thumb he gently wash away some tears I had. He leaned forward and kissed my lips gently but as soon as his lips touch mine the kiss became passionate and strong. His strong arms wrap themselves around my waist and pulled me closed while I run my hands through his hair. Our tongues dance around in each other mouths passionately. We parted away after sometime. We looked into each other eyes, both with huge grin in our lips.

"Alex?" He asked.

"Yes?" I asked.

"What do you think our kid would be?" He asked. I stared at him once again and blink a couple of time.

"I... don't know" I said unsure of myself. I turn my face away from him and smiled. When all of the sudden I felt his tongue in my cheek. I quickly looked at him with surprise but he just grinded. A giggle escape my lips and I leaned once again to kiss him.

Our kiss was interrupted by my older sister Kath. "Alexa mom said to say good bye to Mikael and go to sleep" She said. We parted away and I sigh.

"Coming" I yelled. I looked down at my hand and then back at him. "I guess I got to go" I said with a smile.

"Yeah... Can I pick you up tomorrow from school?" He asked.

"Why?" I asked.

"Well... because I'm leaving pretty soon and I want to spend as much time I can with you" He said.

"You're leaving?" I asked.

"Yeah... I can't stay here. I have duties there and school of course" He said.

"Right... very well " I said as I smiled at him. He grinded at me and we both stood up. I waved at him and ran inside the house while locking the back door behind me. I went to the living room again where my family was before I left with Mikael, but my father was the only one there.

"Dad... where's Emma?" I asked making me look at me.

"She left half an hour ago... she said she'll see you tomorrow at school" He said.

"Oh ok... well good night father" I said as I went up to him and gave him a kiss in the cheek and hugged him which he hugged me back. I loved my father very much he was a fine man, the nicest man I have ever met. He had shown me so many things in this life that I knew now... and for that I loved so much. I ran up to my room and change into my pajamas and went to sleep.