from someone to her

It's not as if I'm still a child
who doesn't get anything.

I don't want to be an adult
who gets everything either.

Actually I thought I could
find my way in your way,
that's why I followed you.

No matter if you never stopped,
no matter if I lost your sight...
I just stayed alone with myself.

I'll always be able to feel you're here
or in somewhere waiting for me...
In order to smile to me again like before,
I'll always be able to go and look for you,
even if everyday I'm more discouraged.

It's not as if I don't have wings to fly,
it's just as if I don't need wings to fly
because you're always showing me
the way I can go without giving up.

Actually I thought I could
see the same future of yours,
then I saw you in my dreams.

No matter if you sometimes cried,
no matter if I lost every hope you gave me,
actually you made me stronger...
Everytime you spread your hand to me.

don't give up if I don't