The author's note in bold: I meant for the last poem, "I Cannot Make Ignorance Bliss" to be a one-shot, obviously. But I found myself writing this after my History test today, and, well... I think it might be a three-poem set, depending on how this... all goes down. Hmph. So, yeah. Review, because obviously you made it this far and therefore should review AGAIN. =] pwease? Reviews are headed your way if you do... Reviews and love, my friend, reviews. =]

And on a side note to a faithful reviewer and reviewee, [the SQUIGGLIES are dividers ~].

~I failed.

~Someone tripped me in the hallway today and

I failed.

~I glanced up at you in surprise and

I failed.

~You smirked at me as you always do and

I failed.

~Your glance brought memories of you and I and

I failed.

~Are we reduced to gestures in public

that could be ones of hate or love?

Man, I failed.

~I promised myself and

I failed.

~ I said I'd forget all about you and

I failed.

~ You said we'd be friends for a very long time, but truly,

You failed.