In Okinawa, Japan, there stood a magnificent western-style mansion. The front yard had a giant creamish coloured walk-way leading to the similar coloured building. The edges of the walk-way were lined with rose bushes and the rest was green, healthy looking grass. The door to the mansion was large and made of oak with extravagant carvings in it. The gate that kept intruders out was tall, black and made of solid steel. And on the gate was a flyer that said, 'Live-in housekeepers wanted'.

A sixteen-year-old boy was sitting in the mansion, looking out a large window. He had raven coloured hair that reached to the base of his neck and his bangs reached his eyes. His skin was pale and his eyes were a deep blue. He was wearing a silk black dress shirt and black slacks. He had to be at least 5'11" while standing. While he was looking out the window, he saw a beautiful blonde haired girl walking up to the gate and reading the flyer.

She then pressed the doorbell. The boy pressed a button on a small remote so that the gates would open automatically. Once the gate was open, the girl walked to the mansion while the boy had opened the front doors to greet her. "Hi, I'm Sia Akaku," the girl said smiling, bowing, "I'm looking for the master of this place." "You're looking at him," the boy said, "I'm Naoto Retsu."

Naoto noticed a lot more about Sia then he had from the window. Her skin was a bit tan and soft looking and her eyes were like sparkling emeralds. She was wearing a maid outfit that would make any guy go crazy. "You're the master?" Sia asked, "But you have to be at least my age." "Well you see, my parents died not too long ago, so I inherited this mansion since I have no other living relative," Naoto said. "Oh…I'm really sorry," Sia said with a hint of sadness. "Don't be," Naoto said, "It's not like you did it. Anyway, follow me for your interview." He then walked into a teal coloured room with two arm chairs and a small table and Sia followed.

Naoto sat down in one of the chairs and said, "Please sit down." Sia nodded and sat down across from him and looked around. "Um, where are the other people who work here?" She asked. "I had to fire them," Naoto said, "They kept pulling all of these stunts in an attempt to get the money I inherited from my parents." Oh…" Sia said. "Anyway, I'd like to know a bit more about you, Sia," Naoto said, "Like what qualifications do you have." "Hm…Well I'm good at cooking, cleaning, and making the master happy also just doing basic things around the mansion," Sia said, and then she smiled ever-so-cutely, "And please call me Sia-chan."

"O-Okay," Naoto said blushing a bit, then he cleared his throat, "Also, do you have any quirks, medical or mental problems that I should know about?" "Nope, none what so ever," Sia said smiling. "Very good," Naoto said smiling, "You're hired." "Thank you Naoto-sama," Sia said bowing.

After that day, Naoto had hired several more people to help work around the mansion, but he always noticed Sia more then any of them. He noticed that he was looking at her more and more each day and that she was returning the looks. This kept going on for weeks. And then one day, Sia was dusting around the study while Naoto was working at his oak desk. The study was a tall, circular room. It had a green rug and instead of walls, there were shelves lined with books and decorations.

"Um, Naoto-sama," Sia said. "Yes Sia-chan?" Naoto asked looking up. He blushed when he saw that Sia's face was really close to his. "You've seemed so stressed lately, is something wrong?" Sia asked. "Well…" Naoto started, "Before my father died, he set me up to be married to this absolutely awful girl by the end of winter. She likes me, but I couldn't care less for people like her." "Oh…" Sia said sadly, hearing that Naoto was getting married felt like there was a knife in her heart.

"I'd much rather marry someone kind and decent," Naoto said, "Like you." His face turned bright red when he realized what he said. Sia was flushed as well, but then she smiled. "D-Do you really mean that, Naoto-sama?" She asked smiled. "Yes, of course I do," Naoto said smiling, though still blushing, "You're the greatest person I have ever met."

"I feel the same way about you Naoto-sama," Sia said smiling, hugging Naoto. Naoto blushed, but he hugged her back. Sia felt so warm in his arms and he never wanted to let go of her. "I…I love you Naoto-sama…" Sia said softly, smiling. "I love you too, Sia-chan," Naoto said smiling. Then the two shared a passionate kissed that stopped time for them, until the door bell rang.

Naoto sigh disappointedly and pressed the button on his remote to open the gates. Sia then stood up straight and went to go greet the guest. "Hello," She said smiling, opening the door. Another girl was standing at the door. You could tell by her piercing brown eyes that she thought of herself as superior to the maid before her. Her long, dark brown hair was tied in a pony-tail and she had a deep tan. Her clothes were extremely rich looking and pink. "I'm Miyuki," the girl said, "Where the hell is Naoto?"

"Naoto-sama is upstairs," Sia said smiling, though she actually wanted to kick Miyuki's teeth in. Miyuki pushed Sia out of the way and two other maids had to hold Sia back from attacking Miyuki. Miyuki dashed upstairs and saw Naoto and hugged him. "Hi Naoto," She said cutely, smiling. "Hey…" Naoto said in a pretty much uncaring voice.

"Only two more months until the big day!" Miyuki said smiling, "We're gonna be sooo happy!" "I doubt it," Naoto said. "Oh, don't be like that," Miyuki said pouting. "Miyu-san, what do you actually like about me?" Naoto asked, though he already knew the answer. "Well, you're cute and rich, what's more to like!?" Miyuki asked smiling. Naoto sighed deeply.

"That's exactly what I loathe about you," Naoto said to Miyuki's shock, "You're shallow and I know you look down everyone less fortunate than you are. You always get what you want…You're just a spoiled, little brat."

Miyuki's eyes were open wide with shock and sadness. "Wh-Why are y-you saying this?" She asked. "Because you need to hear it," Naoto said, "And because…I love someone else." Miyuki's expression then turned into pure rage. "Who's the whore-" Naoto cut Miyuki off by saying, "Don't you dare say anything against her!!"

Sia that came out from behind the corner she was watching them from, she looked angry as well. "Is it you!?" Miyuki asked, infuriated. "Yes," Sia said with no hint of fear, "Me and Naoto-sama are in love!" "You bi-!" Naoto cut Miyuki off again as he yelled, "That is enough!! Miyu-san, get out of my home or I will have to take you out by force!!"

Miyuki growled and said, "This isn't over! Just wait till daddy hears about this!" She then left the mansion, fuming…

To be continued…