The Beach Holds Your Memories

Walking along the beach was a pleasant experience.

The seagulls were flying overhead,

And even dolphins swam at a distance offshore.

But the sounds and sights brought all the memories of you back to me.

The long walk on the beach reminded me of our endless talks

About our families, our futures, and the things kept as our most precious secrets.

The ocean so blue reminded me of your eyes

When I knew you were looking back at me.

The wind blowing the sand reminded me

Of the way the wind blew your hair

And how adorable it made your face look.

The reflection of the sun on the water brought the memory of your smile back

And how it would brighten the spirits of my soul even on the darkest days.

The thundering waves reminded me of our song,

And how you told me "You'll always be my thunder."

I remember listening to those words over and over

Smiling, knowing you were thinking of me.

Now, those words bring tears while I know you are gone.

The broken shells along the shore are pictures of my heart the day you moved on.

The pain on my feet as I walk over the shells

Reminds me of the pain I felt when we were no more.

The salty spray on my face is salty like the tears

I shed at the thought of how we used to be.

The couple walking by hand-in-hand reminded me that you've found another to love and think about.

Leaving the beach with all its beauty reminds me of us parting ways.

I suppose it was for the best.

It was mutual.

We both agreed we'd be better off apart.

I didn't want to let you go, but I knew it was what you wanted.

Looking back at the beach still reminds me of you.

I know you're happy now, I guess I should be too.

I just wish you could have been happy with me.

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