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The wind blew on a frosty September day. A lone sentry stood on top of a roof, patrolling the region in front of him. The guard, clad in shimmering armor, was inspecting a particularly eccentric butterfly, when it landed on his toe. The butterfly, which was lavender with crimson and black spots, fluttered upward as the lone sentinel slunk to the shingles. The butterfly spun around and flitted downward, headed for two lovebirds.

The butterfly headed for De Rossi, a short fifteen year old with a muscular build. He was half German and Tamil; with a light brown skin and not because he had a tan. His black hair was combed up into a fohawk; not hiding the long scar down the side of his face. His brown eyes glanced nervously as one of the most perfect girls was talking to him, but they didn t capture the dancing insect behind him.

De Rossi was blushing as the butterfly neared him. A beautiful young lady, his one and only crush, was flirting with him. The girl was named Lilian; and a fancy name suited her well. She had dark blonde hair that fell down a little past her shoulders, and it was perfectly straight but curled at the very bottom. Her eyes were an icy blue, probably because her stunning gaze was as piercing as an arctic tundra. She had a deep tan; most of her time was spent outside basking in the sun, which she well-deserved from her excellent job. Her facial features were second to none around, and so she normally only messed with the top ranked in the palace.

Today was another story.

Lilian had been talking to De Rossi all day, dropping casual flirtatious remarks to him the whole day. De Rossi, not noticing how thick she was laying it on, was having enough of the talk. Now was time for action. "De Rossi, how did you know I simply love fohawks? And black.. such a manly color," Lilian said in a low, flirty tone. De Rossi, who half thought it was a prank, decided to test Lilian's apparent love. He put a finger over her mouth, silencing her, and leaned in towards her head. Lilian craned her neck upwards, so near De Rossi's face he could smell her breath. He closed his eyes as he expected to feel the embrace against him when it happened.

The butterfly had made it. It landed on De Rossi's ear and he slumped over, into the surprised Lilian's arms. The butterfly casually flitted upwards and disappeared.

Lilian, surprised, unhooked a kunai from her belt and tossed it upwards, jumping back; she was still holding the konked-out De Rossi in her arms. Carefully she put him down on the building and held a battle stance at she watched the butterfly in the air; it was slowly morphing..

The butterfly disappeared in a puff of smoke as a single figure jumped out of the gray smog. The kunai spun around mid-flight, twirling before being shot the other way. "W-wha-?!" Lilian stuttered as she placed her fingers together. Instantly the roof erupted into a blizzard of razor sharp flower petals, slicing into the palace as the butterfly-man watched from above.

"Pitiful.. I had expected the palace to have some guards.." the man scoffed as he noted the poorly aimed rose barrage down below. Glancing at a watch, he shot down to the courtyard and busted down a side door of the palace. No sooner did he get his feet in the corridor when it exploded into sweet-smelling petals. Lilian, at the end of the hallway, had blocked off the other exits and was now blazing down the distance between herself and the intruder.

"That was... unexpected." the man said, and the petals were met just as fiercly as a swarm of insects shot into the palace, most likely from the garden. The swarm of bugs devoured the rose buds and other flowers as Lilian watched in horror. "Damn.." she cursed as she spun around to retreat.

"Oh no.. you're not going anywhere." the intruder said in a murderous tone as moths, ladybugs, and butterflies pushed her back towards the entrance. "No.. n-no!!" she screamed as they enclosed her head. "N-!!" Her last scream was muffled as the waves of insects finally engulfed the last of her body.

De Rossi was just waking up, rubbing his head, as he heard a blood-curtling scream. "Lilian?!" he jumped up, shocked, and glanced around to notice the massive destruction of the roof. He remembered the sweet breath of Lilian as he leaned in for the kiss, and then.. nothing. He heard a strange buzzing sound, too, and thought it was because his head was hit hard. He kept listening for a minute, and decided that it wasn't coming from his head, but rather.. insects?

De Rossi glanced down off the roof until he saw a stranger in a black robe standing in the midst of an insect swarm. The stranger's black hair was simply combed down, and it flew back because of the fluttering wings. His eyes blazed as he started to attack, when...

A hand was placed on his back, and he spun around, delivering a well-aimed, not so well thought out punch to the person behind him, sending him spiraling into a now-crumbling wall. De Rossi's eyes grew wide and alert until he saw the person covered in brick dust, and he burst out laughing.

An annoyed Rana rose up from the pile of bricks, sneezing and coughing. "What the hell?" he spat. "This is why I didn't want to come here.." he muttered, but De Rossi picked it up. "God, can you find anything funny?" De Rossi snapped back. Rana prepared to snap back, but another arrival shortened their feud.

"Guys? They'res bigger things at hand.." Jack An, or Jahn, called out, holding two bodies in his hands. One was the body of the intruder. The other was Lilian, who was unconcious.

De Rossi and Rana just shrugged it off. "If you've killed him, whats the matter?" De Rossi asked, already headed for the kitchen, but was immediately stopped by Jahn's telekenesis. "Because, this one is marked with a three digit number." He said sarcastically as if he was talking to a first grader. "And over there," he pointed to the rolling hills, "they'res swarms of troops coming in over the hill." Jahn finished slowly.

Along the horizon were hundreds more of these men, and they were headed straight towards the castle.

Well, they'res chapter one XD Hope you like it. Thanks to Xynic for De Rossi, Noah Gabriel (look him up here, he makes amazing stories) for Rana Darknoise, and to Moohsin for Jack An (Jahn).