It was dark and cloudy day when the four finally reentered their castle. The sun seemed shy, hiding itself behind the clouds.

De Rossi took Jahn to the medical room while Jake and Lillian went to Lady Ally. They were greeted by the usual knife in the door before entering. "Man, I have too many muscle spasms," Ally said smiling. Jake handed the knife back to her as he and Lillian sat down.

Lindsay walked out of a back room holding a plate of drinks. Her eyes fell on Jake, who had taken his shirt off to examine a bruise, and the drinks went flying. She quickly regained her composure and walked off to grab some towels. Jake curiously watched her exit, but then turned his attention to Lady Ally.

"So," he said casually, "that trip was more eventful than I thought it would be." Lillian rolled her eyes while she filled Ally in on what happened. Ally listened quietly, absentmindedly playing with her hair. Lillian finished and they sat in silence for a couple seconds until Lady Ally realized they were waiting for her to say something.

"OH!" she said, surprised. "Well, that does sound inconvenient," she said slowly, "But honestly, how is it of our concern? He was probably defending his territory," she finished. Jake stared at her in disbelief.

"Are you that st-" He caught himself before he said anything rude, for he noticed the knife twirling in her fingers. He composed himself and took a breath before continuing.

"This isn't all a coincidence. The army, this man, the clones, they all seem… linked," he said, thinking to himself like he needed one last piece of the puzzle to make it all fit. "They all have similar powers… The army was clones, the people we fought divided into two, and the man made copies of himself," he added. "That must mean that…"

His eyes grew as he realized what it meant, and he opened his mouth to tell them before an explosion rocked the castle. Lillian jumped up and drew a kunai, spinning around to face the door.

"This is happening too often for my liking!" she shouted angrily before running off down the hallway. Lindsay sheepishly entered with an armful of towels which she dumped on the ground. "Should I stay to clean up, or…?"

She looked at Lady Ally desperately. She noticed the pleading in Lindsay's eyes and sighed. "Go." she commanded. "And you too, Jake. We don't know what we're up against." Lindsay sent her a facial expression saying, 'I'll pay you back later,' before she and Jake ran off down the hallway. She looked over at his clouded expression.

"How was the trip?" she asked, trying to make conversation. He glanced at her and sighed. "Look, I'm really sorry, but I'm not in the mood for talking." He sounded genuinely apologetic, and his eyes reflected it. She sighed and looked back ahead. "Its fine… but if you ever need someone to talk to…" Her voice trailed off, and Jake smiled.

"You bet, Lindsay."

Meanwhile, outside the castle, the battle was heating up. A rainbow of turtleneck sweater-wearing, bald men was trying their best to destroy the castle walls. Rana, De Rossi, and some of the castle's basic soldiers were fighting a losing battle. They just didn't have enough firepower to hold them off. The nameless soldiers were falling in large numbers.

"Damn…" De Rossi cursed, his arm being cut by a man in green. He jumped back next to Rana. They were slowly being pushed back to the wall. "Where's that arrogant Jake now, when we actually need him?" he yelled.

A black blur shot out the castle and slammed the red man into the ground, plowing him into a five foot deep trench. The arm retracted and grew back into its normal place on its owner's body.

Two men of about sixteen walked out of the castle casually, like there wasn't a battle going on. De Rossi sighed in relief. "Good, the twins are here. Kite, have you seen anyone else coming?" he asked one of them, who flashed an annoyed face.

"I'm Kyle. But to answer your question, no. It's just us." The twin rubbed his short blonde hair at the exact time his brother did. "Anyway, we can handle them just fine. Watch!"

He stuck his arm out intending for it to shoot out in a fist again but nothing happened. "Huh?" he yelled, surprised, before being tackled by the man in yellow.

"They cancel out powers!" De Rossi yelled before punching the blue one in the face. "Then we're going to have a tough time!" Kite cursed before getting tackled by two men. His brother jumped on one of them and the four rolled around in the dirt, battling it out.

De Rossi groaned and turned around to the other men and returned to battle. Closing his eyes, he used all the mental power he could summon, and had just enough stamina to use one of his most powerful attacks – a mind bomb.

It was a concentrated ball of clear mind energy that would explode in whatever he was thinking at that particular time. It appeared in front of his forehead and then shot with blinding speed in front of two of the men – red and green. The bomb shone brightly before exploding into a multitude of swords, axes, knives, and other sharp objects. They flew out at extremely high speeds and ripped holes in the men, tearing them to shreds.

"Two down…" De Rossi mumbled before falling to the ground. Rana smiled at him and sunk his fist into the yellow man's face; his nose shattered loudly. Rana grabbed him by the arm and slung him onto the other two dead men.

He looked around the clearing at the remaining men scattered in other battles. Orange, blue, and indigo were left. The leader, purple, wasn't present. Kite and Kyle were engaged in battle with the blue and indigo while the orange sliced his way through the men.

'Damn…' Rana thought. 'We hardly have any energy left… How the hell will we deal with three more?'

Rana pulled out a sword and was about to attack the orange one when he heard rustling off to his side.

He turned and gasped, cursing loudly.

Three more fresh rainbows of men emerged from the woods.