Updates should be coming much faster now :) Especially on the weekends, (today) when I could probably update both Hidden Before Your Eyes and Rebellious. I sure hope you guys enjoy this story. It's not the average romance story, but it's NOT fantasy. It's more...action/adventure-ish? If you've ever read Maximum Ride, it's somewhat like that minus the kids with wings...Anyway! Here's an update, hope you enjoy Heath's POV. Don't wanna give away too much about them, though. This chapter's a little shorter than the first one. -Lacey


My nose was broken. The bitch broke my nose! I was sort of impressed, sorry to say. Not even Morgan can take me off-guard like that with a blow that powerful.

I was sure that she was the girl we had to bring back with us. Morgan didn't really care as long as we didn't harsh her optimistic vibe. Jaeger cracked jokes about her all through the next day, but I didn't really expect different out of him.

"Where did Craig say she lived?" I asked, flipping through my files.

I didn't get a response from my "friends," so I looked up and narrowed my eyes. Morgan was twirling around the room, her new black skirt flowing out in fans. Jaeger was eating a huge bowl of chocolate pudding, which was clearly missing his mouth. He licked the spoon once then went back into the bowl, taking out a huge spoonful and shoving it all in his mouth. When the spoon came out of that hell, it looked clean as ever. I almost gagged.

"How the hell can you eat so much and not gain weight?" I asked him, and he answered between spoonfuls.

"It's called. A fast. Metabolism," he said, moaning in happiness. "I freakin' love pudding."

"I love this skirt! You guys never let me wear girly things. But look at me! I'm a girl!" Morgan cried, curtsying and crouching down to strap on huge black stilettos.

"It'd be easier to tell if you actually had boobs," Jaeger teased, and I nodded despite my urge to find the girl that punched me. Morgan wore a bra, but she didn't have much to put in it. It was kind of a given that she was teased about it.

"Shut up, Jaeger. You're such a dick," Morgan said, pouting.

Jaeger winked at her. "Speaking of dicks..."

I shook my head in disbelief. Jaeger was perverted and sort of an ass. But Morgan and I both knew that he could make anyone laugh until they shit their pants at anytime. Jaeger could've attended Michael Jackson's funeral and get people laughing. Not to offend Michael Jackson or anything, because everyone knows he's a pop God and whoever thinks otherwise must be selling something. I'm just stating the point that Jaeger is funny. Case closed.

Morgan giggled and stood up, sitting on Jaeger's lap. "You're so bad."

Them being a couple could be annoying sometimes. They were totally different. Jaeger was everything. Funny, smart, helpful. Morgan's just a ditz. She's always happy, squealing...Jaeger is cool and calm. Morgan is too optimistic, scared, and basically annoying. She was never my favorite person, while Jaeger is my best friend. But when I step back and look at it, I'm sure Morgan would be even more annoying is she wasn't with Jaeger.

I rolled my eyes and continued going through the files, trying to find where this girl lived.


After that incident at the drive-in movie, I found Skye back in that stupid old diner, and dragged her back to Grandma and Grandpa's car. They asked what took us so long, and I just replied by saying we got lost. Skye looked up at me with a confused look on her face, and all I had to do was nod to get her to jump into a story that involved us ending up at the wrong car, one that looked exactly like this one. That's my girl.

The next day was hell at home. Grandma finally cracked.

"George, I understand that you're retired! I am too, remember? But look at me! I'm loaded with things to do and I can't handle it anymore without a little help," Grandma said to Grandpa in a harsh tone. He was sitting on the reclining chair, watching Minnesota baseball.

"Mary. I think you're getting a bit too stressed. Just sit down, relax. What do you need me to do?" He asked, leaning forward and resting his chin in his hands.

"See! That's just it! I don't need you to do anything. You need you to do something. You shouldn't have to do what I want, but you should want to make me happy. And me being happy involves you doing something!" Grandma exclaimed, and I hardly followed what she was trying to say. Did love get this confusing with old age?

Grandpa sighed. "And what is that thing that you want me to do?"

"Nothing. Forget it," Grandma said, dropping the kitchen broom onto the living room floor. "You're useless."

"MARY!" Grandpa boomed, standing and following her into the kitchen. "You tell me what you want me to do right now, and I'll do it. I'm offering you help! I just don't know what I'm supposed to do!"

I took Talia's hand and led her upstairs. "Talie sweetie, wouldn't it be nice if we did something good for Grandma? She seems upset."

Talia nodded her head miserably, looking back down the stairs.

"Ryan! Skye! Come here!" I called, and Skye was beside me instantly. Ryan peeked his head out of his room, then rolled his eyes. "Ryan, get over here."

He sighed and stepped out into the hall. "What?"

"Grandma isn't feeling very good, and she's got a lot to do. Why don't we all pitch in and help keep the house clean? Skye, go down in the living room and dust and vacuum, pick up Grandpa's trash. Ryan and Talia, you go downstairs and pick up all of your toys and put them in your room. When you guys are done, you can play but don't make another mess," I instructed, and Skye went to the hall closet to grab the vacuum. Ryan and Talia headed down the stairs, and I grabbed a laundry basket out of the hall closet and went to each kid's room, filling the laundry basket with their dirty clothes.

I took the full basket downstairs and into the kitchen. Grandma sat in the kitchen chair, her eyes red. Grandpa was kneeling down, scrubbing the kitchen floor. I could tell it was bothering his back.

"Grandpa?" I said, and he looked up at me. "Why don't you switch the laundry? I can scrub the floor."

Grandpa looked at Grandma, and she nodded her head blankly. He huffed when he stood up, and I handed him the laundry basket. "Thank you," he mouthed, and I nodded my head with a smile. Grandma followed him with her eyes as he headed into the laundry room.

I crouched down and scrubbed the floor, getting every stain out of the white tile.

"Ashton, thank you," Grandma muttered.

I smiled at her, shrugging. "It's just something that people should do everyday."

I heard the vacuum start up in the other room, and it startled Grandma. She stood and looked into the living room, where Ryan and Talia were gathering their toys and Skye was vacuuming. "Oh my," she whispered. "You are amazing."

We heard the washing machine start up, then the dryer followed shortly after.

"Grandma, you rest for today. You deserve it," I said, and Grandma took my head in her hands and kissed my forehead.

"You are an angel."


I sat on my bed in shorts and a dance t-shirt, tracing my tattoo. I hadn't been able to think about the missing poster yesterday, because I was busy with all my chores. Today, though, nothing stopped the thought from coming to my mind. And nothing could get my mind off of it. Was I really missing? If I was, who was looking for me, and why? What does my tattoo really mean? Why can't I answer any of these questions? Who knows how to answer these questions? Would my grandparents know anything about it? What does the number under the butterfly mean? Am I number 436 of something? What's going to happen to me after I figure out the answers to these questions? Do I want to know the answers?

Yes, of course I did. So I started with the most simple plan I could think of.

My grandpa was sitting on his reclining chair again today. His feet were propped up and he was smiling at the television with a beer in his hand. He saw me standing in the doorway and his smile widened. "Ashton, join me, please."

I nodded and sat on the couch, jumping right into my plan. "Grandpa, how much do you know about my parents?"

Grandpa raised his eyebrows, turning his body towards me. He clicked the television off, his attention completely on me. "Ashton, why are you asking me this at such a sudden moment?"

"I just...I was looking at old pictures of our family. I guess it just came up," I said with a shrug. Our family was never really like others. My mom and dad were always away, leaving us with a nanny or babysitter. I was never informed of their jobs or why they were away. I spent my thirteenth birthday alone while my parents were on their "business" trip. A week later when they returned with my tiny presents like a t-shirt or a small jewelery case, I finally asked them what their jobs were. They were very secretive of it, then they were gone for longer periods of time. This year they decided enough was enough and they sent us to Minnesota to live with our grandparents, and it still haunts me today.

"Miss Ashton, if I knew, I would tell you. I'm sorry," Grandpa said, and I nodded my head sadly.

"I'm going out," I said. "Got some errands to run."

Grandpa nodded and pointed to the coffee table where the car keys sat.

I grabbed the keys and headed out the door to the red pickup truck in the driveway. Hopping in, I glared at the ink on my hand. 1373 Schifsky Dr, St. Paul, MN 55116. I typed it into the electronic GPS system, and followed the streets listed on the map. The address took me to a small house, about the size of my garage. There was one door and one window in the front, and an open-top jeep in the one-car driveway. I parked on the street, then got out of the car.

I shivered. I didn't know if it was because I was cold or scared, but I definitely had nerves running through my veins as I tapped on the wooden door softly.

I heard a crash coming from inside, and then the door opened.

I faced a blonde boy. One that I recognized. One with a scar on his left cheek. This time though, his face was dirtless.

"Aye, comrades. Looks like the right-hook chick found us," Jaeger said with a wink.