Through god's eyes

Through God's eyes, there shines the sun

It radiates over life 'till another day is done.

Through God's eyes, the sky holds a star

It flickers and twinkles, though hangs very far.

Through God's eyes floats a cloud

Its pure white innocence makes me sigh out loud.

Through God's eyes I see the moon

I gaze while listening to the call of a loon.

In God's vision, there is plenty of love

And joy and peace like the song of a dove.

In God's vision I see there are children at play

They laugh as they run and they frolic all day.

In God's vision the wind's whisper is soft

And I watch as the wind takes all birds here aloft.

In God's vision the meadows are calm

And a little girl giggles with a squirrel in her palm.

Through God's eyes a small rabbit hops

And the faint sound reminds me to slow down, to stop.

Through God's eyes, there lies a bear

So brave and so mighty, yet hushed is the air.

Through God's eyes, a small infant sleeps

And in the awe of the moment, some are given to weep.

Through God's eyes, I see green grass and tall trees

And the beauty of the earth makes me fall to my knees.