Danny Tyson was a shit-bag.


But he was.

Only Danny Tyson would leave me stood outside the cinema at half past ten because girlfriend number eight thousand and forty six accepted his booty call.


I climbed into Jack's car, raising my shivering palm to his face, "Feel me! Aren't I cold?"

The blonde swiped away my palm.

"Yes, get the hell off." He was silent for about thirty seconds before- "I don't get why you're friends with that twat."

"Nor me."

He rolled his eyes, "I'm serious, he fucks you about and you know it."

This, again.

I forcibly stopped myself from jumping from the moving car, fingers clenching the seat belt.

"Jacky, you must understand, it is he that won't let me be."

Surfer Boy didn't respond, but I saw his fingers clench the steering wheel.

A small smile cracked across my mouth as he pulled up outside my house and I reached over, pressing my lips to his cheek. "Thank you."

He pushed me away with a flimsy hand, "Just don't let him mess you around anymore Cudney."

I screwed up my nose, sticking my tongue out like the sixteen year old I was, and fell from the pickup truck, kicking the dirty door shut with the back of my foot. I grinned at the yelps of the male inside, before skirting my way up the garden path. Falling through the door, I caught my reflection in the hallway mirror, checking out the rouge of my cold cheeks. The pissed off attitude tumbled back into me, I'd attempted successfully to hide it from Jack, not wanting to see his 'I-told-you-he's-a-dick' face.

It wouldn't be as bad if the reason we were at the cinemas in the first place wasn't because he was trying to win me over for leaving me in the middle of London. Alone. Again.

You'd think he'd have a shred of decency.

But nope, I thought as I attempted to yank off my boots, falling up the stairs in the effort, not Danny bloody Tyson. A hiss escaped my lips.

To place the cherry on top of a perfect evening, the light bulb in my bedroom blew as I flicked the switch.

"Fuck." I slumped against the wardrobe, heaving my feet around piles of dirty clothes, casting my eyes across the dump of a room, lit only by the white moonlight coming through the curtain less window.

I fought with my jeans, sucking in my tummy to open the button, feeling relief as the tight bottoms slid off and fell into the dark depths somewhere. My fingernails scratched lazily at the skin they'd been constricting, tongue lapping across my lips.

Bit of a shit night, to be honest.

I shook off my bra, climbing into the unmade bed and staring up at the ceiling.

And the film had sucked ass.


Because I only took the best part of ten minutes to get up and out the door, you can imagine my distinct horror as I woke up five minutes late.

At exactly 7:55am I was thundering down the steps with one shoe one, a toothbrush in my mouth and my jeans open for the world to see.

"You're late. I was calling but you just ignored me." I rolled my eyes at my mother, who stood at the mirror, straightening her bob.

"I know." I mumbled through the bristles, toothpaste dribbling down my chin.

"God, Andi, you look like a mess." I turned my gaze away from Holly, my sister, who sat at the table eating toast and judging everything. As per.

A honk rang out, causing my mum to jump and burn her finger on the straightener, "For God sake- I wish he wouldn't beep. Don't you have a mobile?" She snarled, sucking on the skin and watching me tousle chocolate curls. A grin flew across my lips, covered with white foam as I swept my bag from the floor, flipping it onto my shoulder and grabbing my other shoe.

I called over my shoulder as I slammed the door shut, "See-yuh."

The black car sat across the front of the drive was an expensive one, fabulously spotless and pulsing with importance. I sneered as I fell into the passenger side, flicking bubbles from my toothbrush onto the pavement and ignoring the moaning driver as I splashed tooth juice on the side of his 'ride'.

"Fuck sake Cudney, you could take a shower once in a while."

Fury rumbled through my veins, but despite myself, I ducked my nose to smell under my arm.

I was fine.

I ignored Danny, turning up my nose and twisting my body under the seatbelt so I was facing the window, my back to him. I could see his reflection, one strong hand upon the wheel, the other resting between our seats, reclined gracefully. He cast a gaze my way, before focusing on the road with a deep, rumbling sigh.

Danny Tyson was the epitome of sex, any female could tell you that, even my mother was prone to gawping when he smirked and swaggered into our house. He had the army, military look going for him with buzz cut and brawn, thick jaw and a cold attitude.

And he was, first and foremost, a giant-

"WANKER." I jumped as his hand hit the horn and flicked my head forward to see a red car pull out without indicating. My blood was pumping and I blamed him, immediately for road rage.

In fact, the whole ride was silent except for the dirty house music on the radio, which, after his little outburst, he turned up. I pulled on my other shoe, a lace-less white plimsoll and managed to shove on some mascara before he parked up. I saw him turn to me out the corner of my eye, but I bailed as quick as possible, catching the toe of my foot on the bottom of the car and stumbling, obviously gracefully, right into the 'ride' parked next to us. The blue car's alarm started blaring and, stuck between pissing myself laughing and pissing myself out of embarrassment, I ran.

A soft hand caught mine and I glanced down, seeing feminine fingers curling around my wrist, "Andi."

My bottom lip fell out, plump.

Belle Davis smiled, pulling me into a soft embrace. I'd texted her as I'd stood outside the cinema the night before, and her conversation went straight to that.

As she went on about how bad a person Danny Tyson was, I tuned out, having thought it all previously. Belle was the closest female friend I had, and possibly the warmest hearted person around. Plus she didn't worship the ground he walked on like the rest of the fucking world. Unless he had his top off, then she was sold.

I turned to my locker, pulling the large black handbag around my body and began swapping books around as she went on.

I cast her a sidelong look.

Her hair was a coppery blonde colour, dyed obviously, and straightened, a sweeping fringe across her forehead. She wore a bit of makeup, actually, with quite a lot of black eyeliner, but nothing that differed from the rest of the school. Belle was heavyset, not incredibly, but she had big bones. Not that I could say much. I was curvy, bordering on chubby but without the pot belly.

It's probably why I wasn't seen as a threat to be (supposedly) so close to Danny.

I peered into a compact mirror, groaning at the bags under my eyes, dusted with crappy mascara application skills. My hair was tatty, as usual, and my fingers caught when I tried to drag them through it. Don't get me wrong- I was fully aware I looked like a cock.

From nowhere, a solid body flew against mine, with enough weight to carry the locker into the wall, the metal sound echoing down the corridor in a smashing noise amongst the normal chatter of the busy hallway. The breath hitched from my lungs, mirror falling and smashing by my feet. The attention of a few people fell toward me.

I smelt him before I saw him, and my days, if you could only imagine the anger building up inside me.

Danny pressed himself up against me, pinning me to the locker, his mouth nuzzling into my hair. Red hot shots went down my spine, infused with irritation and I turned my head to the side, so I could see him partly.

"Andi," His low growl was husky in my ear, "You gonna' grow up now?"

"Is that what you were attempting to do last night? Forcing me to grow up and find my own way home?"

A hiss escaped his lips, "For fuck sake, I said I was sorry." I was still restrained, despite attempting to buck away from him. I could feel the muscles of his chest tense against my shoulder blades. His fingers locked onto the belt loops of my jeans, thumbs hooking over the tops, rubbing the skin of my hips.

I licked my lips, carrying on despite his best efforts with filling my bag. It took another ten seconds for him to get the message before he groaned, thrusting my waist away from his body and cursing, "Fuck it, I tried."

(It did not go unnoticed at this point that girlfriend number eight thousand and forty seven was sashaying her way down the hallway as if it was the Britain's Next Top Slapper final.)

"Told you he was a complete-"

"Ok, Jack, she gets it."

Jack rolled his eyes, folding his arms and leaning on the locker next to mine. I was subconsciously rubbing where Danny had held as a comfortable silence covered us.

"You two out tonight?"

I ran my tongue across my lips, head falling across my shoulders to look at Belle, "You up for it?"

She shrugged in response, attempting to seem cool and indifferent while her gorgeous blue eyes begged me to agree. God she was so love struck by ol' Jacky Boy.

Sad thing was he ran with a crowd where looks were everything.

Danny's crowd.

But I did see it in his eyes when he looked at her.

I... err... think.


"So, like, why do they call you Cudney?"

I'm not even joking, girlfriend eight thousand and forty seven actually spoke like an extra from The Hills... on crack.

"Because it's a mixture of Kid Cudi and Britney. They're my parent's names." I bit into my apple.

"Oh my God. NO! That's amazing-"

"She's lying, Tania, it's her last name." Danny sighed out, casting devil eyes at me.

I rolled back my head, tipping the chair onto two legs.

'Tania' looked pretty pissed off.

So did her luvvverrr.

An awkward silence went over the table. It seemed they followed me around.

A girl sat next to me who I knew fairly well from English broke it with, "So, Tania, how many people have you invited?"

Previous mentioned 'night out' was, shock horror, being held at Tania's house while her parents were away.

Her attention was pulled away from glaring at me, "About two-fifty, but it's an open party so I'm guessing around five hundred."

"I CAN'T WAIT." I shouted, making the majority of the table jump.

Tania took a while to compose herself before smirking, "Sorry, you aren't invited."

"I'm still coming."

"You so aren't."


"I so am."

I smiled in her pretty, angry, pretty angry face, stepping around her efforts to push me out the door. Belle followed me loyally into the kitchen, shimmering in a purple dress that actually, really suited her. She attempted a little dress up, that was sweet and obviously purposeful by the way she was gazing around, trying to look nonchalant.

"He's over there." I nodded in Jack's direction, where his gaze was travelling over her.

"I don't care- Why would I care- I totally don't care- Hi... J-Jack..."

"Hi... Belle..." His little smile was cute.


I snorted, leaving them to it and sliding over to the side, grabbing a beer car that was sealed. I wasn't about to go drinking out of any open glasses, thank you very much.

I rested against the wall of the living room, where I suspected the furniture had been moved to create room for a dancing area. Either that or Tit-Ania's parents went a little overboard with the whole Fung-Shui idea.

My eyes shut, lashes heavy with makeup and took a deep swig of the drink.

"Hey..." I focused on the lad in front of me, vaguely recognising him from a previous party. "Fancy a dance?"

I shrugged, "Sure."

Heavy baseline music was pumping from the speaker, and 'lad' who might be called Rory- I can't be sure- slid his hands south of my back. Too bored to care, I slipped my wrists around his neck, one hand curling in his short, dark hair, the other keeping my can upright. I'd had a couple of shots, as usual, with Belle before leaving my house, and they'd began to take effect a bit, Rory (?) beginning to feel more and more lucky as I grinded against him. I turned my face toward him and he took the chance to kiss me, waiting the best part of a millisecond before slipping his tongue right on in there.


But I granted 'Rory' (?) his due, feeling kind of bad I had made him a new name and could well have been chatting shit in his ear.

"Fancy moving this upstairs?" He groaned, erection pressing into my soft stomach.

"Nah, she fucking doesn't, prick."

Rory (?) looked pissed off for a second, but then he saw Danny Tyson come a-looming behind me and bailed faster than a whore's drawers.

"You'll be getting yourself a reputation." Apparent 'best friend' hissed behind me.

I sneered, swigging down the last of my drink and moving toward a designated bathroom.

Bathroom on the bottom floor.

Ain't we lar-de-dar.

The door opened as soon as I shut it, Danny walked in and leaning against the sink, his foot flicking it shut again.

I rolled my eyes, pulling down my shorts and knickers and sitting down.

His eyes darted toward my pants, then to my bare thighs as I leant forward, arms crossed.

"You still being a bitch?" He took a gulp of his own drink, gaze moving straight again.

I shrugged, finishing up and standing, pulling up my bottoms again, back turned to him. He did a funny pissed off noise as I fumbled with the button, cursing under my breath.

I watched his tanned arms circled my hips, flicking away my palms and buttoning up the black shorts easily.


I moved out of his space, washing my hands and drying them on a towel, never meeting his eyes.

But then he was there again, pressing himself to my back, forcing me to raise my chin and stare at his reflection in the mirror above the sink. His eyes were the same green hue as mine, both pairs murky with alcohol. His hand slid through my newly washed hair, then followed the silhouette of my body, over the round curve of my hip and across the width of my thigh.

"You look hot tonight."

"Thanks." I rolled my eyes but couldn't deny the heat that spread through my partially intoxicated body as he rolled his hips against me.

We were silent again.

"I don't like it when you get off with lads."

My laugh was genuinely mean. "I do."

A growl tore from his throat and he flung me around in his arms, piercing my gaze with his own, hot breath upon my lips as he dipped his head. "You're mine."

"Your best friend." I replied, a smirk crossing my mouth.

"You really doing this, Baby, pushing me away? Again?" His eyes flickered to my lips.

I clocked him a ridiculing smile, "Would I do that to you?"

He pressed hard against me for a second longer, before leaving with a fuck off big slam of the door.

I downed the rest of the beer he'd left, revelling in my hotness with an inebriated brain.

Tit-Ania ain't got shit on me.


wake up in tha mornin feeelin liooke .

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