Danny Tyson had no right.

He had no right to storm off like a little baby and he most definitely had no right to judge me for kissing his cousin.

After all, wasn't he the massive man-whore-slag-bitch of the relationship?

I was just a lil' girl who liked attention occasionally, what the fuck's wrong with that?

Matthew and I had spent the entire night laughing and talking and kissing and smiling and oh sweet baby Jesus was I head over fucking heels for the boy. Man. Boy. Man. Boy... Ban.

All week I was in this weird, giddy, eye-sparkly mood and by Saturday night of course I had accepted Belle's invitation for a night on the to-own.

After a good hour of heavy pre-sesh drinking I found myself giggling at a funny looking man behind the bar of a nightclub. Belle grabbed my arm and I swung around to hug her, even though I had seen her literally ten minutes before.

She was all smiley too, and the cause of such a grin was planted on her right arm, with his face buried in her neck.

"Oh hallo old friend, and whom 'da hell is this?" I (gracefully) swung my drink toward the newcomer, only splashing like, half the alcohol across him. He didn't notice.

"Oh Andi! This is Tim, he's studying rocket science!"

Tim looked as though he'd struggled passing his ten times table if I'm perfectly honest, but because I'm such a fucking good friend I did the whole amazed-look-thing.

"Oh-ma-gaad, that's so good! You must be well clever!"

He could only hazard a nod, his eyes almost rolling back in their sockets.

I didn't doubt that this was all some weird ploy to make Jacky-Boy jealous, but I wasn't about to spoil her fun, the little shit had it coming to him. And judging by the devil eyes I could feel burning towards us, I guessed it was working.

"Where's Matthew tonight?" Belle asked me, seeming far too interested for it to be real.

"Doing work or something like that." In all honestly I didn't have a fucking clue, he hadn't replied to my invitation to join me. "You know how it is with an older guy."

Belle only smiled softly- well as soft as she could baring in mind her alcoholic intake- and shuffled back into Tim's face.

I pulled an awkward smile, slowly turning back round to the bar. Third wheel alert.


Ah. Now who could that be?

Who in the world doesn't find it necessary to use greetings, but rather thinks names will suffice?

"Hello Dan-i-ul."

When I turned back toward him I had to swallow.

I had momentarily forgotten how fucking delicious my best friend was.

Moment gone. Fuck off you mind-blowing-boggling-messing-fucking swine. Be gone with you and your deliciously disgusting vile mouth watering butt. I hate you. Love you. Hate you. You have a fat chin.

"You fucked?"

Why yes, kind Sir, I am out of my fucking skull, but shall I give you the privilege of knowing this?

I think not.

"Nope. Only had four drinks..." We tumbled into an awkward silence. "Haven't seen you all week."

"Yeah well I figured you'd be busy with Matthew." His arm was braced against the bar and his lips were by my ear so I could hear him over the music. The heat of his breath was turning me the fuck on.

"I figured you'd be all wrapped up in Shauna. Or is it Tania? Who knows? Not me. I don't know. Give me one person who knows and I'll give you a dollar. Although I'm not one-hundred-percent sure what a dollar is in pounds. So I can offer you fifty pee'. Fifty pence is what I will bring to the table." I sipped my drink, trying to make my eyes focus on anything but him.

His bulk made it increasingly hard to look past him.

His hand began to play with my hip in the dress, "I'm bored, we should go."

"I don't want to yet, I'm having fun."

Danny smirked, running his thumb over my pouting lip, "Babe, you've been stood here for half an hour, watching everyone around you enjoy themselves. Now let me take you home and enjoy you."

I bit down where his hand had left and his eyes dragged there. His palms closed over my waist and he pulled me closer, growling out the word, "Now."

"O-okay..." My breath was trapped in my throat. I swigged the last of my drink. "Although I should tell you I am having a mighty fine time right here." I all but slammed the empty glass on the table and hollered to the barman for another. "No, I think I will stay."

No reason I couldn't stay and play however.

Turning to face him, I stood on my tip toes, tilting my head so our lips brushed as we breathed. Of course, it wasn't as wholly sensual as it sounds because I was drunk and so stumbling around like a cat on crack. But it worked for me. And for him, I thought, watching as his eyes darkened.

"Danny!" Shauna the Kitten Killer made her appearance beside us.

"Cock block." I muttered, falling back onto my heels and rolling my eyes. I moved one shoulder to the side so she was able to push her way in front of me.

"And... You." Her eyebrow raised in my direction.

Go gargle glass, Bitch.

"Hi." I span my hand in a half moon but gave her no more effort than that, paying for my refill and leaning on the bar again.

Danny hadn't spoken, instead crossing his arms in front of himself. I must say he was looking quite pissed off that we'd been intercepted.

I'm pretty sure her 'fine ass' solved that issue quick enough.

"Having a good night, Andi?"

Oh, really well done, snarl my name like I threw dog shit at your grandma. That's going to make everyone a fan of you.

I only nodded so she gave up on false conversation with me and looked at Danny, "What's up babe?"

He cast his eyes over her shoulder and smouldered in my direction, "The usual?"

"Tiny penis?" I questioned back, widening my eyes and slurping my vodka mix through a straw. Needless to say I didn't receive the massive applause for my quick wit.

"Want to come back to mine? Maybe I can relieve some of your... tension?"

Oh God, someone get a bucket, I'm going to vomit all over her hair and I won't even apologise.

"I have to make sure Andrea get's home safely."

Although my chest puffed up because I'd obviously won this femme fatale battle, I found my mouth being a little shit and ignoring me, "Oh I digress, Tyson. I'm pretty sure I can find my own way into a bed."

He didn't miss a beat, "That's what I'm worried about." His arm dropped to slowly move Shauna the Witch out of the way. "I'll see you tomorrow Shauna."

Tomorrow? Tomorrow was Sunday. Why was he seeing her on a Sunday? That meant he wouldn't be seeing her at school, he'd be seeing her not at school. That meant he'd be seeing her out of school. For reasons not to do with school- NO. I don't give a fuck. Ha. Danny 'Who'?"

She'd pouted and long gone.

"Got a date?"

He shrugged, flexing his arms downwards in a half hearted stretch, "Ready to go?"

I ignored him. I was having the time of my life, couldn't he see it? Perhaps not. Perhaps I should make it more obvious.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

"I'm dancing you thick shit."

"You look like you're having a fit."

"Fuck you."

"Come on then."

"Ohh very original."

He grabbed my chin and made to press his lips against mine but I backed the fuck off.

"What the hell Danny, not here!"

His brown nearly hit his hair, "What the fuck do you mean not here?" His eyes went this awful scary black colour and I'm pretty sure I made the same shade in my underwear. Error.

"Well... There's people and-"

Tyson laughed, but it was like a nasty laugh, stroking his stubble quickly and motioning around us, "Are you embarrassed to be seen kissing me? Really? You're ashamed of me?"

Wait, what?

"What the fuck do you mean? Why say it like that? Do you think you're better than me? Should I be fucking honoured you want to kiss me?"

He smirked, still incredulous, "Yeah-" He swallowed, "No, shit, Andi 'course not- Look-"

"No you fucking look!" My heart was pounding and I'm pretty sure if I stayed around to follow through with what he should 'look' at I might start sobbing in a club. Not. Pretty. So I stormed off.

I say 'stormed off', I basically tottered as angrily as I could toward the door in my sky high shoes. Which is basically as fast as Nelly the Elephant on stilts.

"Cudney. Come here." He growled as we got outside. His arm flew up and hailed a taxi. Oh yeah great, stop straight away, he even controls cars now. Great news. Top news.

I jumped into the taxi, yanking the door shut in his face and shouting at the driver to, and I quote, "GO LIKE YOU'VE NEVER GONE BEFORE."

He didn't, waiting for Danny to climb in before taking the calmly given directions.

I huffed, turning my head to stare out the window with my arms crossed.

We were silent the entire journey, except for Tyson occasionally giving out instructions in his pig-headed voice that I absolutely hated and didn't want to hear coming from between my legs. At all. Ever.

I didn't even bother to ask where Matthew was when we got to his even though I was aching to when I saw his car wasn't there. But my head was all messed up and after that split second, I didn't even think of him again. I was far too busy slamming every possible door in Danny's face on my way to his bedroom.


I threw his pillow and quilt on the floor, flopping myself on his bed and turning away from him.

"I'm not sleeping on the floor."

"Yes you are."

He ignored me and moved around, presumably getting undressed before I felt his weight beside me. As per usual, he had his phone out and was tap tap fucking tapping away. Probably text Shauna 'Tomorrow' Bitchface. I heard him place in on the side before sighing loudly. His hand grabbed my foot and I screamed, attempting to boot him in the face, but his palm softly slapped my thigh and I stilled.

Oh, do that again.

Jesus, Andi, calm your inner beast, you're in a mood, remember?

No. He wasn't making heaven a reality, he was taking my shoes off, again.

"I'm sorry, alright? I was just angry that you-" He sighed once more, "rejected me." His fingers dropped my shoes to the floor. "I'm no better than you. I'm not anywhere near it."

Sweet talking fuck. My heart was pulsing.

I turned my head slowly till I saw him from the corner of my eye, sat up with the duvet to his waist. His curtains weren't drawn and I could see his muscles bulging. Man, did I ever mention my soft spot for huge arms? Well if I didn't, my vagina had certainly been reminded on the fact.

"I didn't reject you because I was ashamed of you." I murmured. "I didn't want people to laugh."

His brow furrowed and he laid down, leaning his head on one hand. "Why would they laugh?"

I scoffed, "Come on, they'd think you were taking the piss. I know we have this-" I motioned between us, "when we're in private, but in public?"

Tyson's features were contorted with rage, "Who gives a fuck what anyone thinks?" His voice was rough, "And for your information I couldn't name a fucking guy in that club who wouldn't be jealous of me right now."

I screwed up my eyes, trying to ignore him.

"What about Shauna?"

"Fuck Shauna."

"That's what I'm scared of!"

He stopped, "Why would you be jealous of her?"

Oh hello Alcohol, how nice of you to make an appearance at such a prominent moment in my life- "Because I'm always jealous of anyone that gets you."

His mouth opened, his eyes flaring, but then he said nothing until, "Yeah well I feel the same about Matthew."

The name did funny things to my stomach, but I'm not sure it was good anymore. Either that or the vodka I'd guzzled.

"Can you kiss me?" I whispered.

His mouth hovered over mine, "Andi, if I kiss you, I'm going to have to do it here," His palm stroked my neck, then over my breasts, "and here," it fell between my legs and applied pressure, "and here."

We were both silent, his promise in the air.

"How about we cut that shit," His face dropped, "and you just fuck me."

And he did.


the title looks like that cos i enjoy saying 'eleven' over and over again. eleveneleveneleven, hahahahahahhaa, it's hard to type too.


i never know whether to write sex scenes. i always want to, but them im scared my mum'll read them and know what i do in the bedroom. awkward