September 27, 2009

Well my life sucks…

It so hasn't been the best day my year. I woke up with Emma sleeping beside me, right forgot that she had stayed over. I shrug, don't really care, she didn't move all night and I got I nice sleep. I glance around my semi dark messy room. I sigh, great, I just knew I had to clean it during the week again… so troublesome. I reach under the teddy bear I used as a pillow last night and check the clock.

5:39. I sigh again, only 1 more hour so Emma wakes up to go walk. I never get why she did it, I hated walking around with old people while I can dance and sweat in comfort of my room. Whatever I'm not going with her.

Hmmmm…. Mom left hours ago maybe she left her room and I can get some rest there. I slowly slip myself away from the bed and tiptoe to out of my room. I reach for mom's door and twist it but it doesn't move. It's lock… crap.

I sigh again and the I heard the thrilling sound of my cats bell coming my way. "What now?" I say to myself. Then I remember that I bought books yesterday and that I was reading one last night. I rush back in to my room and rush out with the book on my hands and sat right in front of the bathroom in the floor… don't know why but I do. I sat there staring at my mom's door for a while. I remember the drama she caused last night because of the keys, I rolled my eyes. She didn't scare me anymore but she did scare Emma. I shrug once again and open my book and began to read.


I closed the book and glance at the clock that I had put next to me when I moved to the table. I finish the books in almost three hours… it wasn't that good. Emma is already walking while I'm making myself something to eat. I remember myself that I had to wash the clothes, finish my report and wash the dishes. I sigh, why I had to do them.

I don't question… I just do them.


Me and Emma are now sitting in my bed. We read some of the other book I read about the astrologic Love and we started asking every guy we knew about their sigh… non of them were compatible… shocker!

Emma has a crazy idea… to call random numbers and ask for their names because I had just have to say that "What if we met Mikael and Alexander over the phone over a random call?" They're always on our minds… wonder if we are on theirs… I wish Mikael was here… loved me, kissing me… there I go again fantasying about him, but I can't help it. His always on my mind.


The phone thing didn't go to well, we got no names and bored. Emma went to sleep, I started writing. I keep thinking about the Gemini info I got… it makes me smile. It's describes me to my best.

My phone rings. It's the F.R.I.E.N.D.S song… mom. I pick it up.

"Open the gate" She says and hangs up. Of course. I stand up and walk slowly to the garage, the tumbling sound of the washing machine is heard but I don't care. When I get to the gate mom is already there. I don't say anything as we both walk back in to the house, when I went back to the table Emma is sitting on my seat, looking at me with her red eyes… allergies she get because of my cat.

Mom is a good mood, but I just know it isn't gonna last long.


We can't cook because the thingy is broken so we have to go to Grama's. I get the news we might be going to Snt. Louise for New year, but uncle is not coming… I just know it's gonna be troublesome. I'm about to suggest mom to take another trip, just the three of us, but then I think that this is my last New Year with Family in a couple of year might as well suffer, So I say nothing.

When we get to Grama's house I show Emma around, she impress and I am not surprise. The house is big. We eat, we fight, I show Emma where I made out with Erik and then we left.

We drop off Emma. As we make it back we talk about our family. I notice that one part of the family don't invite me to things anymore… I don't care… I don't like them anyways. When we get home, mom is already cranky, I roll my eyes at her. I get Emma's cell that was left on the car and start to charge by a while, so she can have some battery tomorrow. I check my Myspace and Facebook. Kamiry talked to me.

So I send her a text.

She's reading Evermore.

I already read it.

We keep talking. I try to make a conversation… it dying.

By 9:45 she stopped texting… guess is time to sleep. Got to get ready for school tomorrow. I know I have give my English teach my essay that has been ready for almost a week. I imagen what would Mikael do… always in my mind. I smile.

Last thing I think is what would Mikael be if he was with me in this school. And then I fall asleep.