Letter to You

This is a Yaoi (manXman) love story. Don't like, don't read.

It's rated M for a reason.

I'd planned on this being a shorter story, but it just kept growing :D I enjoyed writing it, so I hope you enjoy reading it!

Part 1: A Warm Goodbye and a Cold Greeting

"Ren, do you really have to go." The small girl pouted her lip up at the boy.

"I'm sorry Akira." He patted her on the head. "But I wont be gone forever."

"Really! When will you be back?"

The boy paused, "I'm not sure. But I will defiantly come back and find you, k?"

"Mm-kay!" Akira nodded her head causing her blond curls to bob around her face.

Ren hugged his friend and was about to turn away when she stopped him.

"Wait! Can we play a game first?"

"I have to leave soon, Akira."

"Just one! It will be really fast, I promise!"

"Okay as long as it's fast."

Smiling, Akira grabbed his hand and pulled him towards a tree.

"What do I have to do?" He asked.

"Just sit here, close your eyes, and count to twenty."

Ren sat down with his back against the tree but then looked back at her questioningly.

"Shut your eyes." She insisted.

He shut his eyes.

"One, two, three…"

By the time he got to ten he felt a small hand press gently against his eyes, making sure they would stay shut.

He stopped counting from surprise. Ren expected to hear Akira's command for him to continue counting, but the air was silent. Instead he felt a soft kiss against his lips.

It lasted nearly three second then pulled away suddenly with the hand.

Ren didn't open his eyes for several seconds, but when he did Akira gone. In her place was a small piece of paper with a child's handwriting.


When you come back

I want to be with you forever

I like you




"Mom would you watch the road!"

"I am watching the road."

Their car cut in front of another causing the driver to blast his horn.

"This is why I wanted to drive." Ren said shutting his eyes and resting his head against the shaking car window.

"I'm doing just fine. Now what was I saying… oh yes! Do you remember the family we used to live by? The Ikuta family."

Ren's eyes popped open. "Akira's family?"

"Oh good you do remember. They've invited us to dinner tonight as a welcome back…"

Her words faded into the back of Ren's mind. His mother's work had transferred the family of two when he was only seven. Now, ten years later they were being transferred back. Ren thought about the letter he had securely hidden in his bag.

'Ren… I like you.'

Ren's heart thumped. He knew was bound see Akira sometime, but one the first day he moved back… he want mentally prepared yet.

He'd always fantasized about their future meeting: she'd be grown up, he would act cool, they'd fall in love…

"…the three of you were so cute together." His mother's words made their way back into his conscious thoughts.


"Of course, the three of you always played together."


"What do you mean who? You, Akira, and Oki."

A new flood of memories washed over Ren. He had nearly forgotten about Oki (or at least forced him out of his memories). He was Akira's twin brother. They were all in the same grade and lived close to each other so they naturally played together as kids.

But Ren didn't remember Oki with fondness.

He'd always bullied Ren. He called him names and frequently referred to him as stupid. He'd take the toys Ren wanted and would push him around during activities.

Ren took this moment of recollection to fume over how big of a dick Oki had been.

He probably still is.

The car swerved and Ren gripped onto the seat.


"We're fine, we're fine." His mother said with a pleasant smile.

Several horns were going off behind them.




Later that night, Ren stood in the Ikuta's entry way with his mother. The parents greeted each other warmly asking about each other's health. They had obviously been in contact over the years.

Mr. and Mrs. Ikuta turned to Ren.

"Ren you've grown so much!" Mrs. Ikuta said as she gave him a warm hug.

"It has been ten years." Mr. Ikuta commented on the obviousness of his wife's statement.

"I know but the last time I saw him, he was so small. Now he's almost a man."

Ren laughed awkwardly running his hands through his hair.

"Come in, come in." Mrs. Ikuta insisted as she motioned the two into the living room. It was the same as Ren remembered, besides a few pictures and throw pillows. The smell was the same too. It had been so long, Ren was surprised that he remembered the pleasant apple-cinnamon smell.

"Where's the other two?" His mother asked, echoing his own thoughts.

"Well unfortunately Akira has a volleyball team meeting tonight so she won't be home till late." At Mrs. Ikuta's words, Ren released the breath he'd been holding. He'd been so nervous about seeing her again his whole body had tensed up.

"But Oki should be down soon." Mr. Ikuta's words forced his body to tense up again.

Everyone turned as footsteps carried into the room.

"Oki!" Came his mother's excited voice. "You've grown so handsome. Look how tall you are!"

Ren watched as his mother went to hug the stranger that had walked into the room. Oki returned the hug and gave her a warm smile.

Ren looked him over. He was tall. His height must have beat Ren's by several inches. And Ren couldn't help but admit that Oki was handsome. His body was slender yet toned and his blond hair shimmered. All the baby fat had disappeared from his cheeks leaving a handsomely matured face behind.

Ren was average height, normal brown hair, with slightly feminine features.

Amid the continuous talking Ren stared at Oki. He was unsure of what to think.

Was he jealous?



If Oki had changed so much in appearance, had his personality made a drastic change as well?

Oki turned towards him. Ren was suddenly embarrasses, realizing that he'd been caught staring at him. Oki's deep, green eyes looked into his. Ren blinked. He couldn't read the expression in those eyes.

After a couple seconds Oki broke eye contact without a word.

Ren scoffed to himself.

I bet he is still an ass.




The dinner was well made and complemented with polite conversation. They discussed recent news, changes around the neighborhood, and his mom's job transfer.

Ren hardly spoke.

Oki didn't speak at all.

They were sitting right next to each other.

"Oki, are you in any clubs?" Asked Ren's mother. She was trying to get the younger generation to join the conversation.

"I'm on the basketball team."

Ren glanced at him. Oki's voice had deepened too.

"Oh that must be fun!" She commented.

"Yes he's very good too. He's on the varsity team." Said Mrs. Ikuta, obviously proud of her son,

"Ren was on the basketball team for a year." Responded Ren's mother. "Seventh grade wasn't it? But he wasn't very good."

Oki laughed to himself. Ren was the only one that heard.





Dinner had progressed smoothly (smoothly enough at least) and the group was back in the entryway saying their goodbyes.

As they were about to leave, the door opened.

Standing in the doorway was a girl. Well figured with long blond hair pulled back. The hair had a slight curl.

Big, smiling, green eyes looked right at him.


The girl leapt at Ren giving him a warm hug.


She pulled away from Ren to get a better look at him. "Wow Ren, you've become so handsome!"

"Oh, ah, thanks… you look nice too…"

She had appeared so suddenly, he didn't know how to react.

He could feel the parental gaze upon them but there was another gaze as well. He turned his head to see Oki at the end of the entryway with his arms crossed tight. His green eyes had turned dark; they were sending imaginary daggers at the pair.

Oki obviously didn't like them together, and that sparked something in Ren: not only could he fulfill his childhood promise and get a great girlfriend, he could also steal the precious sister of his childhood enemy. If Oki didn't like the idea of them being together… Ren would rub it in.

Ren had an evil grin inside his head.

"It's so great that you've come back!" Akira said. She then turned her head to her brother, not recognizing the glare. "Don't you think so Oki?"

Oki turned his head away, removing his eyes from the pair. "Whatever."