Part 5: Return to Sender

Silent, they sat across from each other in the Ikuta living room. Ren played nervously with his fingernails.

I need to say something soon, he chided himself. I'll look like an idiot if he thinks I came all this way with nothing to say.

"Whe- where are your parents?"

"They're taking a vacation this weekend. They won't be back till Monday."

"Oh." Now Ren felt even more awkward; he was alone. Alone with Oki. Alone with Oki in his house and no one would be coming home any time soon.

Ren gripped his hands together. Ah! Why do I suddenly feel so nervous?

"Do you want something to eat?" Oki set food from his bag onto the coffee table. "I'd just gone out to get this stuff."

"Oh. Thank you." But Ren didn't take anything. His stomach was shriveling up and it would probably reject anything he tried to shove in.

They sat in silence again. Neither touched the food and neither looked at the other.

Ren finally spoke, furrowing his brow as he broke the silence. "I didn't ask Akira to the dance."

"I know. She went with a group of friends." Oki responded flatly

There was another pause before Ren spoke again. "I told her I didn't have those kind of feelings for her."

"What kind of feelings?"

"You know – I told her that I didn't – uh – like her."

"You don't like Akira?" His tone didn't change.

"No, that's not what I meant." Ren's eyes looked straight into Oki's. "I don't dislike her. I just don't have any romantic feelings for her."

"Did you come here tonight to tell me this?"

"Y-yes." Ren looked away again.



It was because Oki had been so angry with Ren over Akira.

That was what Ren came to resolve, right?


Oki stood up and began to walk out of the room.

"Wait!" Ren protested, pushing himself up from the chair. "Where are you going?"

Oki didn't turn around. "I'm just getting some water."

"Oh." Ren didn't sit back down.

When Oki came back, he set two glasses of water on the coffee table.

One of the glasses was half empty. Around the edge of the glass, their lingered a small trace of water. Oki had drunken some form the glass. His lips had been on it.

"I thought you might want some." Oki said indicating the second glass.

"Ah – ye-yeah thanks."

Oki looked at him curiously, Ren wondered if he'd noticed the blush forming on Ren's face. Slowly Oki started to walk towards Ren.

Ren's head was buzzing and he couldn't think of what to do. He started to back away like he had that time in the gym. Again, he found his back against the wall with Oki still approaching him.

Ren was desperate to not let another angry scene occur. But talking was the only thing he knew how to do at the time.

"I – I didn't reject your sister be-because you told me to." Ren babbled, eyes shut. "I've never really liked her. She was always more of a sister."

He sensed one of Oki's hands rest against the wall, next to Ren's head. He was in the same position as last time.

Ren continued. "I just thought that she liked me because she gave me a letter when we were little and…"

Ren trailed off, not sure if he should mention the kiss.


Ren popped his eyes open, noticing that he'd gotten Oki's attention. Oki's face was very, very close. He turned his head away. "Y-yeah. Letter."

"What letter?" Oki repeated.

Fishing into his pocket, Oki pulled out the well-worn papaer. Oki lifted his hand from the wall to take the letter from Ren.

Several seconds passed.

Ren didn't look at Oki until he heard him begin to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Ren demanded.

Oki managed to stifle his laugh. "You – you thought this was from Akira?"

"Well of course! She was the only one with me when I got it! Who was it from then?"

Oki paused. Thinking for a moment. Ren wondered if he was going to lie about it like Akira did.

"Back then, Akira wanted one of my action figures." Oki started to explain but Ren didn't understand the relevance. "She wanted to use it as a prince-charming for her Barbie's. I told her she could have it if she did me a favor."

"What was the favor?" Ren was almost afraid to ask.

"I asked her to meet you in the park and get you to close your eyes."

Ren froze. Does that mean…?

"I wanted to say goodbye to you." Oki was blushing slightly. "But I couldn't say it to your face."

"But – but, you always bullied me." Ren still couldn't look straight at Oki.

Oki laughed slightly. "Of course. I couldn't leave you alone."

Ren turned red.

"Th-th-then that... k… that ki…" Ren couldn't bring himself to say it.

He felt Oki's fingers against his chin. Ren scrunched his eyes shut as Oki moved Ren's face towards him.

Oki's soft warm lips met Ren's tense ones in a light kiss. Ren had long forgotten the feeling of his first kiss, but now he could remember how sweet and gentle it had been.

It was the same.


Oki watched from the trees as Ren hugged Akira. A pang of jealously struck him. He'd never been able to tough him so gently. To hide his feelings he'd had to act harsh around the boy; bully him.

He saw the two walking towards a large tree.

Oki fingered his letter nervously.

He was frightened that Ren would see him. That same fear had kept Oki from signing his name on the letter. Ren would never know who the letter was from, but at least Oki would be able to express his feelings.

"One, two, three…" Ren's voice came through the trees.

Akira moved soundlessly towards the trees and Oki moved soundlessly towards Ren. When they passed, Akira gave him a small smile.

Ren's counting had already reached ten when Oki reached him. Scared Ren would open his eyes; Oki placed his hand over Ren's face. Ren's soft skin and adorable face distracted Oki; he didn't notice that Ren had stopped counting.

He felt an urge and he didn't fight it. As carefully as he could, Oki kissed Ren.

Three seconds, then he pulled way.

Oki darted back towards the trees, leaving the letter for Ren to find.

Oki would never forget Ren's lips.


This time, Oki didn't pull away. Ren didn't either.

Ren's heart was humming. He didn't understand how Oki's touch could send a soothing charge through his body. Ren relaxed his body, and his lips softened.

Fingers caressed his neck before a warm hand wrapped itself behind Ren's neck. Another hand slid itself around Ren's waist. Oki used his hands to pull Ren closer. One of Oki's hands left Ren's waist and began to roam his back. It slipped under Ren's shirt feeling to soft skin along his spine, and then it fallowed the shape of Ren's body to the skin of his stomach.


Oki pulled his mouth away slightly to whisper against Ren's lips.

Ren could hear the deepening of Oki's voice. A soft moan lingered in Ren's throat as Oki's tongue traced his lips. Oki pulled his mouth away from Ren's and rested it in the curve between Ren's neck and shoulder. His hand moved upwards and Ren felt Oki's thumb brush one of his nipples.

Ren gasped and pushed Oki away from his body.

He spoke breathlessly. "Wait. What's going on?"

"Ren." Oki's voice rumbled again. He placed his hands against the wall, framing Ren's face. Ren cringed away from the position but Oki leaned in closer. He licked Ren's neck then nibbled his ear. "Ren, I want you."

"N-no. You can't."

"Why not?" Oki asked as he moved his head to kiss the other side of Ren's neck.

"Because, because you--"

"I what?"


One of Oki's hands had left the wall. Ren called out in surprise when the fingers rested to tease the area between his legs.

Oki took advantage of Ren's parted lips, slipping his tongue into his mouth. Oki's tongue explored Ren's mouth, sucking and weaving around Ren's tongue.

Ren let out a sound that muffled between their mouths as Oki put more pressure on Ren's crotch. It was beginning to harden.

Oki broke the kiss, and Ren's mouth felt strangely empty. Oki went to his knees and began to undo Ren's pants.


His pants fell to the floor.

"I've waited so long."

Ren cried out when Oki licked his forming erection. He tried to stifle the noise by clamping his hands to his mouth, but the panting and moaning slipped past his fingers. Ren was taken into Oki's hot mouth. Oki's tongue caressed Ren's length. His hands grasped Ren's hips to pull him deeper into the heat. Ren's own heat was beginning to seep into Oki's mouth.

"O-Oki" He moaned. Desperate for something to hold, he tangled his hands in to Oki's hair.

Oki started to suck on the erection, slowly pumping his head.

"No – I can't --"

Ren cried out before releasing himself into Oki's mouth. His legs weakened and he slid to the floor, eyes half closed.

Oki kissed him again. Slowly and gently sucking on Ren's tongue. He slid his body around, moving himself on top of Ren who rested on the floor.

Soon, Ren began to return the kiss. His own tongue stretched into Oki's mouth and began a battle with his tongue.

Oki pulled away to remove their shirts. He left kisses along Ren's chest as he began to slip his own pants off.

While they kissed again, a hand caressed Ren's side. Ren felt a longing for a deeper touch. He wrapped his arms around Oki's shoulders and pulled himself closer, rubbing their bodies together. Oki's hand made its way between Ren's legs, but it didn't stop where Ren expected. Oki's finger slipped into Ren's hole.

"Ah! Oki!" Ren called desperately while clinging to him. The pain had stowed-away with the pleasure and Ren wanted Oki to take it the pain away.

"It's okay Ren," Oki whispered, brushing his lips against his ear, "it won't be long."

Ren arched his back as another finger slid its way in. He started to squirm and Oki urged him to relax. As Oki wedged a third finger in, he rubbed his full erection against Ren's growing one.

Ren whimpered.

Oki pulled away from Ren. Removing his fingers, he used both hands to spread Ren's legs further apart.

Ren could feel Oki's hot tip edging into him.

Ren felt the pain of his body being stretched further. But the pleasure was increasing and bringing him back to a full erection. Oki groaned as his full length slid into Ren's hot body.

He slid his hands around Ren's bent legs and began to thrust into him.

Ren cried out in pain and pleasure. Feeling the pleasure of Oki inside of him made his mind go crazy. He couldn't think. He could only feel the primal link between them.

Reaching the edge, Ren arched his back and let his own heat spread across his stomach and chest. Oki lasted several more pumps, and then released himself into Ren. Ren closed his eyes to feel Oki's hot passion inside of him.


Oki lifted Ren into a sitting position, pulled him into an embrace. Ren forgot everything else in the world. He only felt the mingled heat of their body's swirling together.

He heard Oki whisper. "Ren, I love you."




"I'm sorry, it must have been uncomfortable on the floor."

"No it was fine." Ren mumbled towards the floor.

Oki had helped to clean him off with a warm towel and now Ren was sitting on the couch in his shirt and underwear. Oki only wore is pants, exposing the chest and shoulders that had been so close to Ren only moments ago.

Ren blushed.

Seeing his reaction, Oki walked towards him. Ren froze his gaze to the floor, trying to think of what to say.

Oki kissed the top of his head.

Looking up in surprise, Ren saw Oki's smile. A happy feeling crawled into Ren's chest. He had always loved Oki's smile, even when they were younger.

At some point when their bodies were tangle together he had realized his need for Oki: the desire for his acceptance, the yearning for his touch.

It must have been the day that he first saw Oki play basketball. The movement of his body and the smile that crossed his face had caused Ren to fall for him unknowingly.

"Oki. I – I think I…"

Oki rested a hand on Ren's shoulder and leaned closer. Ren parted his lips in anticipation of another kiss, but the door opened.

"Akira." Ren spoke in shock, looking to see her standing in the door. Oki had turned to see her as well, but he didn't move his hand from his shoulder.

"Ah, finally." Akira said as she walked into the room. "Took you guys long enough."


"I got tired of watching you guys dance around your feelings for each other."

"Wait, how did you--?" Ren wanted to know how she had figured it out when he had still been in the dark.

"It was obvious. You kept watching Oki whenever he was around."

Ren looked away embarrassed. Had he really been that obvious?

"Anyway, Oki," Akira continued, "couldn't you have done it in your room or something?"

Ren went completely red. He closed his legs together suddenly remembering his lack of pants. Akira had figured out what they had done. The idea froze the breath in his lungs.

How embarrassing.

"Well, goodnight guys." Akira smiled at them then walked upstairs to her room.

When she left, Ren put his head in his hands to hide his face.


Oki sat next to him and pulled the hands away form his face. He kissed Ren briefly then pulled him into a hug, holding him next to him.

"Oki?" Ren said timidly his head resting against Oki's chest.


"This means you don't hate me, right?"

Oki laughed and held him tighter.

Ren continued, tilting his head to look at Oki. "You can't ignore me from now on, okay?"

"Okay." Oki said before bending his head down to kiss Ren again. "I'll do anything as long as you love me."

"Okay." Ren said, returning the embrace.


I want to be with you forever



I love you, too

Please love me forever