Fireflies surround us,

in our thoughts, pervading our minds,

nestling in between the lines.

~ Points of light here and there,

embracing cool autumn air.

~ You stood and held me

beneath the stars,

The night that's never

Terribly far

From the forefront of my mind.

Deep in the farmers' fields,

The long grass swayed

With the sound of your voice,

Singing, so sweetly,

the fireflies stopped to hear;

I had no fear;

No fear of that warm, gentle, unearthly tone,

So beautiful it could've only been in

A gilded tome

recalling tales of archangels true

I felt as though I were born anew.

~The thoughts bewildering in their prose

flitted through mind, soul, and those

who denied it it's right to come out, be free,

were lynched, truly, so you see.

~I felt as though you were drowning me.


[This was updated/edited/revamped with the help of lovely Aneko24 (who is amazing, check out her story The Watcher's Princess (Which, because I want you to read it so much, you can read by clicking the link... because I'm cool like that. XD Also. Isn't it weird how I DON'T know her gender but kinda guessed because of how she writes? Woah. Dude. XD)

Behold! .com/s/2733087/1/The_Watchers_Princess