a friend.
you are.
to me.

you can work that magic, make me forget
and that's not exactly a good thing, because when i'm all alone, i realize we never solved anything, and that what i went to you for, you can only make me forget when i'm with you.

(i like to cover my ears, though, when either of my parents try to talk to me again about it.)

this is shit.
(but shit happens, i guess.)

i never expected this.

('makes me kinda hate the phrase, "expect the unexpected." i frickin'
expected the apocalypse, so excuse me for thinking i was covered.)

i only wished for it.

(is that still a crime?)

i'll miss those golden blind sunsets,
and the bells tolling of death,
(i'll miss your smile whenever)

it's hard for me to ... accept.
(i know i already have, but)
in a different way.
i just can't see it.
and it feels like a movie.
one of those long, dreary,

the kind you wish you didn't already know the ending too.

losing your freedom twice was never a good thing.