Hide behind that mask,

Finger on the trigger…ready to do that final task.

People in the background, pleading;

The better half of her mind steadily retreating.

What is wrong? What is right?

Maybe it's just better to give up the fight.

A slight of the finger, an accidental shot,

Now even the hated feel sorry that they fought.

Sirens blaring, family and friends crying,

As the ambulance went off they acknowledged that their loved one could possibly be dying.

Why? That was the one question in the end…

They all sat in the hospital while she was "on the mend."

When it got good, that's when it got worse;

Tears trekked down their faces when they saw her in the back of the hearse.

Life is life…live it, love it, hate it…

Just don't give it up or away.

Trust me, I know personally that it'll get better one day.

A/N: If anyone who has read my poems before is saying to yourself, "Hey, 13tailed writes some pretty dark stuff..." Then yes, I will fully agree. It's for a reason though. You have to face the dark before you can face the light. I write to feel, without feelings, my words would be just empty emotions. I'm not the one who can say that, "Oh you shouldn't go out and kill yourself," but I can tell you that it's not worth it.

Years ago, and even now, I've had my share of the bad times. I wanted to kill myself years ago, but now I don't. I admit to resorting to self-injury to deal with my life and I'm reminded of it every day I see my arms, or even when I just look at myself in general. I don't expect pity, far from that. I want you to realize why it isn't worth it. Even if it might not seem like it at the time, the world is NOT against you, and there are people out there who would be very hurt if you decided to end it right now.

There are people out there to talk to, hey, if you want to talk, just PM me asking me for my MSN and I'll happily give it to you. I'm not one to judge you based on what you've done. I wish there could've been someone like that for me years ago. Even To Write Love on Her Arms, I wish I had them years ago. It's amazing to see what people are doing now to help. Not everyone is your enemy, it may seem like that, but it's not.

Listen to music, "Hold On" by Good Charlotte is one of my favorites from back then and it still brings me to tears. "The Way She Feels" by Between the Trees is another amazing song, it has a story. "This Isn't the End" by A Skylit Drive is awesome too. All of these songs hold special places in my heart, because of their meaning. Each and every one of us has a story to tell, you just need to focus on it and put it out there.

After all, I've learned, your friends will always be there and love is the movement.

Stop the Bleeding.

Love is Possible.

Love IS the movement.

Cause a revolution to the world, no more will be held back from the masses! Get your story out there, be heard!