I don't need you, I simply miss you. we were an unfortunate example of real soul mates. which makes our story terribly sad and inept. as I've said before, it's not a story I tell sober.

I'm not pining. which is strange, as I am a poet. however, that is not what I'm doing. I am simply, uneasy, undone, loose.

I never received the proper amount of closure from you, therefore I am hanging loose in the prose of your words, that I hardly believed at the time. (who would have thought that would have been one of your few truths.)

do you understand? I am no good at tying strings. I have always been too, pretty for that. no one has ever, cut me loose like this.

you also, said a lot of shit. planted a decent amount of first-class lies into my brain. that never bloomed, but rather infected my sense of reality, and what I thought I was to you.

therefore! I am not to be blamed for all these, words. as they are the byproduct, of what an asshole you turned out to be.

so I can write as much as I want! about the boy who was…you.

and no, I am not asking you to make me, understand. because I'm sure you still don't, understand.

I am only pointing out the relevant facts. of why, I can't seem to stop writing and dreaming about you.