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By: SilverIsamu

Love songs play through my head

These songs of lost love, broken hearts, and forbidden love

They are beginning to make sense

I used to laugh and poke fun at their redundancy

I never thought I would understand their meanings

Until I realized how I felt about you

You are my best friend

I know you have wondered what it would be like if things were different

We'd finally have that piece of mind and love that we both so desperately want

I can see it in your eyes whenever they meet mine

Finding the words are NEVER easy face to face

But in the dark, things come undone easier

Where we least expect them to

You are trying to find anyone who is lucky to receive those affections that should be mine…

And I can't help my heart from sinking further than it already has

Because things aren't different

I need to get out,

Get away from here and forget these feelings to have you as mine

Perhaps go back in time to when I first met you

And try to avoid falling this hard for you

Then maybe I wouldn't hurt as much whenever we reached this point in our lives

I wouldn't care that the person is receiving all those touches that would drive me crazy and set my heart on fire

But what do I know about love?

Could I give you all that you needed with what I know?

But what if I went to the future?

Would I still be thinking about you every night before I close my eyes?

Would I still crave you?

I have every right to fear the future…

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