Somehow, the audience was going to find out that Jeremy was not real, and, in fact, a result of Dakota's schizophrenia. Jeremy never left Dakota's life.

Dakota never found out that she had schizophrenia. She married Jonathan Weiss just after college.

Dakota died while pregnant with her first child. She ended up having a seizure during labour. By a miracle, the child survived, and Jonathan raised her.

Jonathan turned to smoking a pipe when Dakota died. Soon, he had begun to use cigarettes, and died when his daughter was fourteen of lung cancer.

Harvest was deeply saddened by all the death, but she forced herself to live for Dakota. Harvest went on to become a neurologist, and married criminologist-disorder specialist Bobby Dervensale after Dakota's and Jonathan's daughter turned seventeen. Harvest died of old age, and Bobby died of stroke after harvest passed away.

Dakota's and Jonathan's daughter became a writer and is the only one alive to tell the tale. She has an extremely good friend by the name of Jeremy…