I am heartbroken, but I feel no pain.

No. I feel something new,

Burning inside of me,

And its warmth floods to my hands.

I want to stand on top of a mountain,

And shout praise for this new feeling.

And then jump down, sliding to the bottom,

Smiling the entire way.

You think I'm crazy?

This is not how someone heartbroken acts.

But it's true. I am free. Released

From the pain of uncertainty.

I was an autumn leaf,

Withering and suffering on my branch,

But then you, you ripped me off,

So something beautiful could grow.

I remember now,

What this feeling is called.

I climb back on to my mountain,

I care not for the cold in my hands,

This feeling keeps me warm.

I stand, looking out to the world,

And I shout.

I shout for hours!

Releasing this feeling that I now know is called


I am heartbroken, yes.

But I am happy, for the first time.

Thank you.