"Mommy daddy, wake up wake up!" The child shouts excitingly. The two parents grumble and pry their eyes open; it's six in the morning. A smile stretches from ear to ear on the young girls face, but then again what child would not be excited on Christmas morning.

"Santa came! Santa came! And he brought me a Teddy bear." She holds the brunette stuff animal closely, almost as if she was going to squeeze its head off.

Most children would ask for a bike or a cell phone (even know they would be way too young to use one) but this little girl was different. Different as in unique, for she had asked specifically for a teddy bear. The parents had no clue why, but didn't object to such a simple gift. When she got older, they knew the money they would spend on this day would increase dramatically.

"That's wonderful sweetie. Go play in the living room while we get up." Before they could say another word the child runs off and sits with her new best friend. A strange grin growing on her lips, along with a sparkling look in her eyes.

"Star light, moon bright. You shall be alive by night." She chants jokingly, and for the rest of the day she played with the bear, which was soon named Justin.

They play for hours until her mother calls her inside for dinner, bath, and bed.

"Good night Ella." Her father kisses the child's forehead and tucks her and the bear in. Outside the sun had just barely set.

If that father had turned around as he shut the door he would have seen what was changing. But of course, he didn't. Because they never turn around when they should.

The door closed with a squeak, Justin growing to such an enormous height that his ears touched the high ceiling. He holds Ella in his palm debating what to do.

"When you grow up… I will lose you forever. Put away with all your other toys." Justin says.

"No, never. We will always be together, now its bed time." Ella tries to get down to her bed, only to be gripped tighter.

"Yes, we will always be together… now." And before the small girl could scream he devours her whole. Ella is now forever within him, inside the bear that is with another child. This child will have the same fate… a murder no one can quite figure out. The Teddy Bear Slaughter.

Authors Note: This is a little strange, weirdly written, and short :D Please review. For a friend that wishes to be a mystery.