Find My Way Back to Wonderland

I tried to find my way back to Wonderland,
To look for that old white rabbit,
But no matter how many times I called (and called)
He would not appear.

So I took it upon myself
To try and find that hidden hole once again:
I searched high (and low) far (and wide)
But the entrance to Wonderland
Seemed to have vanished
Into the cruelty of the world.

I think of the Mad Hatter –
Perhaps not so mad after all,
Freezing the time
Might not be such a bad thing
At all.

But try as I might,
And with might I did try,
When Wonderland I wanted to find and flee,
Alas, Wonderland did not want me.

So here I am, sitting on the ground
With my memories tempting me,
But somehow, somewhere along
This bumpy road of my life,
It has been decided
That I should remain in reality.

Author's Note: I love Alice in Wonderland. Can't wait for the movie to come out next year!