It's the year three thousand and twenty and all the corners of space are engrossed in a duel to the death. Earth has sent all of their men to fight in their armies, their soldiers aging as early as eighteen. Although Earth is keeping a high status in war, it's the people's health that is dwindling. There is a disease genetically spreading through the human race called Morphic Syndrome. This sickness creates a physical mutation. Because of this, at birth, children are inspected to see if they are better built for war. If not, then the child would have to be disposed of. The world wasn't going right. Nothing in the universe was going right, but the people still thrived, and they have a story.

Adams pulled himself out of the debris. His head throbbed and he put his hand to his temple. It was bleeding heavily. He wiped the blood on a shirt of the enemy and pulled himself and his gun out of the pile of twisted metal. Adams looked around for a moment, squinted up at the red sun, then to his left. He grinned and pulled himself up.

His arm ached. Adams inspected it from every angle and grimaced.

"One…two…" he popped his arm back into his shoulder. "Damn." He ran his fingers through his short, black hair. Adams scanned the scene for anyone left. He dug his foot into the ground.

"Badger!" he called. "They're gone you coward!"

For a moment, Adams's voice just echoed through the dismal night. Then, a great spout started forming and a man crawled out.

"Thank goodness." the man said, standing up, dusting his armor off. "I thought they were going to kill me."

"Not with your spectacular reflexes my friend." Adams complimented.

Badger smiled and his blind, beady eyes glinted. "Thank you."

Adams rolled his eyes. Badger was an Extreme, which means he's one of the humans that have a heavy mutation. For example, while Adams has more of a robust disposition, Badger looks as if he is in poor shape, even though he isn't. Adams is more resilient to the weather, but at a sudden climate change Badger ducks under the ground and nestles into it.

"Where's Cream?" Badger questioned.

Adams shrugged. "Sniff him out."

Badger got down on his hands and feet and pushed his nose into the dirt. He sneezed and then went on sniffing the ground. Badger started galloping over to an overturned body.

"I found him." Badger exclaimed.

Adams walked over and knelt down to the body. "Cream?" he said. Adams turned Cream's body over. "Hey Cream, you alive?" Adams slapped his companion a couple of times.

Cream coughed and put his hand to his forehead. "Am I dead?"

"No man." Adams said, pulling his friend up. "But you look like it."

"Ha ha." Cream muttered, leaning onto his knees.

Once the three stretched and recapped on what had happened, they started off to their base of operations two miles from where they were. Adams led while Badger dug his way under, shielding himself from the sweltering sun. Cream had turned himself into a pool of black goop and was sloshing in Adams's shadow.

They were heading to the Black Camp, the base that had been named after the founders. Each of their last names spelt out "black." No one knew exactly what their last names had been, but everyone knew the story. Five people came onto the planet of Cieplo (the planet that we find our heroes at the present moment) and those five people had won the first war on the planet between its inhabitants and the human race. Adams worshiped the very thought that he shared the same bed as their leader, the guy whose last name started with "B."

Adams knocked on the metal door that was concealed under a foxhole.

"Password?" a straggly voice inquired.

"Siamo sopravvissuti." Adams remembered off the top of his head. It was Italian, an extinct language on Earth.

There was a series of clicks from behind the door, and Slug, the doorman let the three in.

"How was it gentlemen?" Slug's ragged voice questioned.

"Exhilarating." Cream said.

Slug started laughing. "And-and Adams, didcha get promoted to Captain yet?"

Adams grit his teeth. "Nice to see you too Slug." he muttered.

Slug kept laughing. "So did ya?"

"No." Adams said. He had been wanting to become a Captain ever since he joined the army. But he never got the credit for his work, so it was hard to even be noticed in his rank of ninety three.

They were shoved into the halls full of sweaty men with camouflage armor and guns slung over their shoulders. Some shirts were hanging from the drainage pipes that were pinned to the ceiling. The floor was littered with cigarette butts, envelopes that once contained letters from home, and crusty red dirt. This was man's country now, and nothing was going to change that.

"Adams!" called a trooper. "You're squad is meeting now!"

"What?" Adams exclaimed. "Why the hell didn't I know about it?"

"Because I just authorized it." Captain Smith said from behind him.

Adams jumped around. "Sir!"

"Adams." Captain Smith said. "You and your-pals-are missing the meeting."

"We had been caught in a battle sir." Adams said.

Captain Smith scrunched his eyebrows. "Whose idea was it to leave campus?"

Adams glanced at Cream. "It…It was my idea sir. I had heard that there was going to be fight and I took them with me to break it up." Adams said weakly. Cream was checking on a small village he had come across. Adams and Badger had tried to stop him, but obviously were caught in a fight.

"Well come on then!" Captain Smith hollered, leading Adams and his comrades to a conference room.

The rest of the team was sitting in chairs waiting for Adams, Badger, and Cream to join.

"Now." Captain Smith said. "Like I was saying…We're getting a new recruit from the Pessum Ire quadrant-"

"-But aren't those people vigilantes?" a private called from the back.

"Yes, but this specific vigilante is the best of the best, trying to save their planet from disaster. They failed, but we're giving her a chance to save the whole universe." Captain Smith said.

Adams choked on a drink. "Did you say her?"

"Yes." Captain Smith said, obviously not getting Adam's distaste. "V?"

A girl walked in, more like trekked in, and stood next to Captain Smith. Cream's skin shivered.

She had hair with different color dye in different area, Green, Orange, Red, Dark Blue, and White. There was but one strip of her original brown hair above her left shoulder. She had a tattoo on her right shoulder, two Corporal stripes. She was dressed in a pair of black, loose pants tied effortlessly with a worn army belt. Her shoes were a tight, black with thick shoelaces. Her shirt was scraped and the sleeves were crookedly patched up. Her eyes were so green, that many men thought that she was part siren.

"This is V. That's what people call her, so that's what you'll call her. Have anything to add to that?" Captain Smith asked.

V looked around. "I don't do dances and I'm not here for the sweaty men without shirts, so you can stop flexing. Stay out of my way and you'll live longer than you would if I wasn't here."

Captain Smith nodded. Are the directors crazy? She's psycho!

Cream's eyes widened. "Whoa…"

Badger nudged Adams in the shoulder. "She looks like your mother."

Adams shrugged his eyebrows. "My mom didn't have any die in her hair. And she was more…I don't know nice?"

"Right and my mother was the sugar queen of the world." Badger said sarcastically.

Cream shook his head. "Badger's mom tried to eat him, what?"

"Nothing." Adams said. "Take a drink man." he handed Cream his bottle of rum.

Later on, V was walking in the hallway when Adams rammed into her shoulder, on accident.

"Watch it Private." Adams muttered.

V snorted. "Better be careful pal. I rule this place now."