"If you would just follow regulations-"

V snorted. "Shut up ok Adams? Right now we have to figure out where the hell we are and what we're gonna do about it ok? Later we can talk about my crude fashion sense!"

Private and Badger sniveled softly. It was dark in the cell so V couldn't see Adams feed her an unkind gesture. Cream felt around for his lighter. This was probably the only positive for being a smoker.

Cream flicked his lighter on and the green embers danced across the cell. V's eyes adjusted to the light and then scanned quickly around the cell. The walls had longs spikes sticking out every other way, no windows or holes. The floor was musty and was littered with various articles like bog weed and types of rotting lubricants.

"I think I liked it dark." Badger whispered.

V stood up and sniffed the air. She gagged, but then kept smelling around. "Badger? You smell that?"

Badger pushed his nose into the air. "Gunpowder?" he wheezed.

V brushed her fingers against the nearest spike, rubbed her fingers together, and then brought them to her nose.

"Gunpowder walls?" Cream muttered.

"Put the light out." Adams ordered.

V ripped her wrist band into strips and knotted them tight. "No Cream. Leave it on."

Adams stood up and grabbed V's wrist. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

V pulled her out of his grasp. "I'm getting us out of here!"

"You'll blow us all up in the process!" Adams hollered.

She grabbed the lighter from Cream, doused the knot of cloth with fire, and just as she was going to throw it, a compartment opened and red blurs rushed into the cell.

"Shetani." Badger squealed.

V gasped and pushed the flaming wad into one of the Shetani's faces.

Adams punched a Shetani and then kneed him in the stomach. Cream elbowed another in the face. V grabbed Cream's lighter that had fallen to the ground and took a deep, calming breath. She started the lighter and held it against the wall. Then, the walls exploded fiercely, sending Cream, Private, Adams and Badger through the air. V was not far behind, knocked unconscious from a blast to the head.

It was Adams' turn to be resourceful. He looked around to his comrades. Badger was clinging onto Adams' arm, screaming loud into his ear. Cream, on the other hand was pulling V closer to him. Private was holding his helmet hard on top of his head, fearing it would fall off even though it was buckled on. Adams latched his belt onto Badger's, then Badger's to V's and then V's belt was latched onto Private's.

"Cream," Adams hollered "protect us!"

Cream's body expanded and he melted around his comrades at the last possible second.

The team landed in the middle of a battle. This particular battle had actually been put into action to save the team, who had no idea that this was happening. Cream pulled himself back together again and shook his head vigorously. Captain Smith saw it happen at a distance and sent a retrieval crew to-well-retrieve whatever he thought it was.

Adams stepped out of Cream, unlatched his belt and kicked down a Shetani. He picked up their gun and shot the Shetani in the neck, joining the fight quickly.

Private saw the retrieval crew. He started to pick up V in his arms, but there was a small zip in the air, and a dart was sent through his neck, sending him backwards. V's head was knocked against a rock, her temple bleeding heavily. Badger shuddered, but brought V down under the ground with him, trying to stop the flow of blood.

"You have to stay alive," Badger whispered nasally. "You need to keep us alive."

V jumped into consciousness for a moment and tried to mumble something, but wasn't able to get a coherent word out. Badger started burrowing towards Captain Smith, who's footsteps he recognized. Adams saw him tunneling toward Captain Smith and sighed in deep relief.

"There you go Badger," he muttered, "get the girl outta here."

Cream melted down and jumped into the Shetani Claw Machines and started taking them down, one by one.

Captain Smith took a gun from a dead soldier and started shooting at the enemy, until a spout unearthed from the ground. At first, Captain Smith though it was yet another contraption, against his favor, but found it was the man that tagged around Adams. He had something with him though, a girl. And not just any girl; this girl was V. Her hair was blood stained as well as her forehead. She was bleeding heavily and her left arm was bent in the wrong way. Captain Smith winced as his eyes traveled down her decrepit body.

"Fix her!" Badger demanded. There were clean streaks across his dirt encrusted cheeks.

Captain Smith took her immediately and started to call the medic. He turned back to Badger's location, but he was already gone, activating underground mines to blast away any unfortunate Shetani.

For a long time, the battle raged. Bombs whistled through the air, landing on either side of the battle field. More people dropped to the ground in agonizing pain, others trying to help them up, but being shot down too. Futile seconds of the battle turned into minutes, and then into hours, many of the soldiers on both sides forgetting why they had this battle in the first place.

V lay on a stretcher, Cream finally at her side, looking bewildered at her worsening state. Adams and Badger came, blood splattered and tired to Cream's side.

Captain Smith knelt down to the men and shook their head. "No mourning now, we have to finish this."

Adams nodded and pulled Cream along with him as they reentered the battle field.

The day's orange skies turned to shades of blue, then eventually into pitch black. All of a sudden the fires of the Shetani stopped and the Claw Machines halted. All the rest of the Shetani got atop of each Claw Machine and took out a grenade.

Captain Smith had his regiments start shooting at the Shetani, but it was useless. They detonated their bombs, but instead of throwing them, they all just held them tight, some hollering gibberish which was most likely prayers.

"Fall back!" Captain Smith shrieked.

As if there was a million dollars hidden underground, soldiers ducked behind rocks, under foxholes trying to burrow themselves deeper in.

There was a small pop, then a loud explosion that sounded like a million screams. Red, fiery cloth and embers flew at every angle, decorating the bloody battle field. Some soldiers lay stiff on the ground, scared to move. Others were shaking like leaves in the fall. The small percentage that were proactive (which included Adams and Cream) helped everyone into tanks to be taken back to base.

Two medics picked up V and loaded her into a tank. She murmured something again. One of the medics cringed to hear what she had said.

"What'd she say Revere?" asked the brown haired medic.

The man supposedly known as Revere turned to the other medic. "Useless violence."